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【 Lipstick plant 】 Apply lipstick after need not wash a face?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-24
In 2016, according to the mintel facial skin care products research, lipstick has replaced creams as clean face product, only use the second most common products. Yet many MM people will encounter a problem, because many lipstick product manuals, did not indicate whether the disposable. So after to apply the lipstick should be no need to wash a face to become a tangle of problems, the following lipstick from factories cosmetics factory tell you this problem.

it is well known that the role of lipstick is isolated from the air will be all-round nutrition to the skin. But, in fact, the skin is very limited for the absorption of nutrition. After 10 to 20 minutes after the lipstick of nourishing, our skin has been in a saturated state, that is to say, even though the essence of the residual liquid in the face, it can't penetrate into our internal skin, it will clog pores, affect the absorption of the follow-up skin care products. Moreover, the essence of those remaining on the face often contain certain skin wastes, if not to wash easy to cause sensitive skin. Therefore, lipstick cosmetics factory processing factories or recommend in apply lipstick after washed with clear water to extract.

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