Lipstick plant analysis for you, why do you allergic?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-16
Many children say that even with the international well-known brand, will appear the skin allergic phenomenon, such as redness, itching, pimples, etc. Then from a scientific perspective, allergy what is going on? The amount of ingredients in the cosmetics, the real cause of your allergies what is material? Cosmetics factory factory specially for you finishing the following information.

there are more specialist analysis about cosmetics raw material, is boring, you know the good, it is important to through this article, the material is no longer strange, the root causes of their skin allergy has the scientific basis of rational analysis for its own, not conformity.

allergy is very common, at any time, anyone, is likely to be allergic to something. But there are some really look often cause skin allergic reaction, metal nickel is one of the most common. Nickel apparently has nothing to do with cosmetic, but want to know, no one knows exactly why it is so easy to allergy. At the beginning of nickel was found, no chemist can foresee, will have an unusually large number of people because it and red itchy rash.

nickel allergies need to be careful when choosing jewelry and clothes, but it is not very bad situation, food allergies, in fact is more serious. Some food allergy can make people to hospital, will even take people's lives. Nut allergy is known, when you were in the supermarket, you will notice those foods that may contain nuts eye-catching warning.
in the allergens in the family, cosmetics allergy is the lightest category. Because cosmetics is a small amount to use, and most of the daub on the cosmetics can't through the skin. Formula have been know to avoid some strong allergy may, at the same time, the industry trying to known allergic reactions to a minimum of respect, also have a wide range of cooperation.

so, cosmetics and a total number of allergic reaction products is relatively low. As far as I know, is never death was caused by cosmetics allergy. In fact, death is a theory may be, but should never happened.
but, even if the total allergy ratio is quite low, if you are the unfortunate people who are allergic to you, it is 100%. If you have allergic to some kind of cosmetics, what should you do? Let cosmetics factory processing plants to consider from the Angle of science.
allergic reaction is caused by the immune system, usually is in play to the role of the identification of defense immune system. We may at any time for any material to produce allergic reactions. I heard the most unusual examples. Some people say that he is allergic to champagne. He said that once was sent to the hospital, the result was almost killed. Champagne allergy is very rare, and if not drink a lot of champagne, didn't may be allergic. Dose the allergen exposure can cause allergic reactions.

surprised people by another kind of allergic reaction is autoimmune disease, the body for their own part of the produce allergic reaction. This looks like eczema in the final stages. Ok, let's get to the point back to skin care.
in the case of skin irritation, sensitization factor through the skin and had white blood cells. When white blood cells that threatening a particular structure of molecules, it will hold the molecules, may not be the whole molecule, is likely to be part of his. In fact, this is probably the allergen and the reaction of a particular protein in the skin. But the body will then act like by some foreign materials & other; Attack & throughout; The same. Blood vessels to expand, to arrive & other white blood cells quickly; Attack & throughout; What is happening. This is why the skin will turn red, what we call the erythema or rash. A large number of inflammatory cytokines are released, which is used to kill the perceived intruder. Collateral damage is, feel warm, itchy skin.

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