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【 Lipstick OEM/ODM) Talk about 'aldehyde, formaldehyde lipstick is not safe?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-23
Lipstick cosmetics factory OEM/ODM processing plant from 'consumer reports' retrieval - 2016 Released 2017 annual national food drug administration sampling observation unqualified list of cosmetics, found unqualified lipstick in 131 cases, according to the total of 15. 8%. The illegal add banned substances, the total number of colonies as & other; Throughout unqualified &; The worst-hit areas. Small make up today to talk about those things formaldehyde.

OEM/ODM processing plants, cosmetics factories lipstick since October 2017, 'consumer reports' will continuously to a third party inspection agencies inspection hot lipstick products. Includes the first batch of the beauty, morita drugstore, beautiful appearance, a leaf, South Korea, Jayjun, Avon, after my beautiful log of eight popular brands moisturizing lipstick, test the total number of colonies, preservatives, Formaldehyde, methyl isopropyl thiazole moiety ketone) Such as safety index. Which is beautiful, South Korea, a leaf, Avon, after 4 lipstick detect formaldehyde, but fortunately, concentration did not exceed national standard of 0. 2%. 4 the lipstick formaldehyde content detection is not high, all within the scope of the standard. Check out the highest levels of Avon, its content is only for 313. 5 ug/g, less than 1/5 of the prescribed standards.

considering the formaldehyde under certain concentrations may cause harm, domestic and European Union have made limited requirements for the use of formaldehyde in cosmetics. According to the domestic cosmetics safety technical specification ( The 2015 version) Requirements of formaldehyde in cosmetics when using the maximum allowable concentration of 0. 2%, which is consistent with the provisions of the United States, the European Union. It is worth noting that Japan has banned formaldehyde used in cosmetics.

the lipstick as a professional OEM/ODM processing plants, cosmetics factories that formaldehyde is actually very common, because of its good hydrophilicity, sterilization of high efficiency and is often used as the shampoo, shower gel, perfume body products such as anti-corrosion. Even in the human body blood, fruits, vegetables, there are trace formaldehyde. At low concentration and dosage range, formaldehyde is considered to be safe. “ So the formaldehyde as long as cosmetics in 0. The concentration of 2% the following, do not have to worry about.

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