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【 Lipstick OEM/ODM) Lipstick market in 2017? Lipstick processing enterprise how to development?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-22
Lipstick cosmetics factory OEM/ODM processing plants, according to a report to the map data since 2017, the domestic online lipstick category market share in the online cosmetics market grew by 12% year on year, sales rose 125%. Visible, the domestic market of lipstick also there is a huge development space, so how lipstick processing enterprises for development?

lipstick cosmetics factory OEM/ODM processing plants that lipstick OEM/ODM processing enterprises in the planning, design, research and development, procurement, production, delivery and other business, the more focus to the product research and development activities, through this way as much as possible touches cosmetics upstream production and processing process, improve profit margins. Now in the market of the lipstick of variable quality, due to the short development cycle, less innovators, imitators. Cosmetics factory developed many innovative lipstick series, including silk lipstick, biological fiber, such as lipstick, lipstick sleep efficiency of transformation in the development of new products.

OEM/ODM processing plants, cosmetics factories lipstick for the status quo, lipstick OEM/ODM processing enterprise if want to achieve new growth, in addition to pay attention to scientific research and innovation, but also for the standardization of the enterprise internal management, such as first-class cosmetics factory ERP enterprise management system, to the enterprise's efficient operation plays an important guarantee.

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