Lipstick OEM, in 2017 China lipstick OEM/ODM development situation what do you think?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-15
2016 has ended, we look back at the year 2016, found that our social economy has made a lot of progress at the same time, is also a crisis of year 2016, China's enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises it has met a lot of concrete. From the external view, affect the enterprise survival and development of the factors such as rising labor costs, taxes and fees burden, energy and raw material prices, exchange rate volatility and the global financial crisis in 2008 after a series of problems such as the international market shrinking; From the point of internal, enterprises face hard recruitment, retention, staff quality is not high, the financing difficulties, financing, market competition pressure and difficulties, when all of these difficulties are most concentrated in the same time, the general enterprise is really uncomfortable.

so in the face of environment crisis and the difficulties, as a lipstick where do OEM/ODM manufacturer, is their careers, or see what? Cosmetics lipstick OEM factory and factory together to explore the current Chinese cosmetics OEM/ODM industry development status, problems and development trend of the future.

China OEM, ODM development

the large-scale social production, global collaboration, and OEM is resources rationalization and as a result, the effective ways to OEM production has become an important part of modern industrial production.

data have shown that the global cosmetics market size of more than 2 trillion, 2015, the market sales of more than 16000 one hundred million yuan, while China's cosmetics market each year about 100 billion yuan, in such a high amount of profits and attract huge market, in recent years, every year there are hundred new brand cosmetics, but not every cosmetics enterprise or brand from manufacturing plants of the genus, the vigorous situation for lipstick OEM enterprise of cosmetics brand has brought enormous business opportunities. At the same time, more and more abroad a large number of famous cosmetics brand to enter the Chinese market, many international OEM giants, including Italy jade-like stone terri ( Intercos) , undergraduate, Han Guoke silk beauty poem, etc. Also have a factory in China in succession, make China become the global OEM production base.

with the development of the domestic cosmetics market has become increasingly mature, many OEM business to ODM with independent core technology development, gradually began to form their own scientific research team, and invited from Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other international research and development team and consultants, research and development has its own formula and technology, so that can get higher profits, can also get a bigger say in the industrial chain, for the finished products, you can put more focus on marketing and service.

internal and external problems surfaced

China's cosmetics enterprise research and development ability is insufficient, serious product homogeneity, cosmetics OEM, the ODM enterprise faced with all kinds of customers, they have all kinds of demand, thus the general cosmetics OEM enterprise each variety has dozens or even hundreds of products to meet customer demand, and the shortage of research and development ability is the development of the enterprise consumes, many enterprises will be more or less the same product formula applied to a barrage of customers, product homogeneity in the market.

China OEM, the ODM market capacity, the greater the enterprise face the competition pressure, the greater the besides, OEM, ODM industry also faces r&d technology, product quality and safety, regulations, management, regional differences, customer source, enterprise scale is uneven and so on a series of problems.

the future market will be more intense industry environment toward standardization prospects remain bright

how do market development in the future? Think OEM factory, cosmetics factory lipstick & other; Future market will be the state of polarization, need special innovation, a selling point of the customers to us, and customers to experience more tend to be younger, will give priority to with business people from the media after 85 to 90, the industry's upstream and downstream boundary is more and more small, in addition, the overall environment of the cosmetics will be more to the specification, standard will be more and more strict regulations, consumers pay more and more attention to the safety and efficacy of the product. Future cosmetics OEM/ODM business, in addition to the production, design a good product, the product culture background, pre-sale, sale, after-sales service will have the new requirements. Resource-based enterprises and characteristics of enterprises will develop very fast, and extensive low-end production enterprises, due to the lack of management, production standards, substandard housing, the quality is not stable, high production cost, poor equipment all sorts of problems, such as the struggling, it's consumers. ”

the people living standard rise, will surely usher in a burst, just start stage at present, the development in the future will be better. Chinese cosmetics OEM, the ODM enterprise faced with the big or small, competition intensified, increasingly strict regulations, environment toward standardization, but business is still optimistic about the future development for the industry. The domestic cosmetics industry overall development situation is good.

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