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Lipstick OEM factory disclosure: seaweed lipstick 5 big effect

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-30
Seaweed lipstick is a kind of algae as the main raw material made of multi-function beauty lipstick, suitable for sensitive skin, sunburn skin, dry skin, skin oil, is a lot of girls like to use the lipstick of modulation. Seaweed lipstick so popular, thanks to its natural effect. Today, the OEM factory for your revelation seaweed cosmetics factory lipstick lipstick 5 big effect.

natural seaweed lipstick effect is summarized as moisturizing, wrinkles, repair, shrink pores, diminish inflammation sterilization, etc.
( 1) Increase the water retention of skin moisturizing, make the skin more moisture resistance stronger, and make skin more bright and not easy to produce allergic reactions.
( 2) Wrinkles increase the tightening and elasticity of skin, relax the skin of young state, thus achieve the purpose of removing wrinkles.
( 3) The repair, increase the skin's immune and protection. Repair caused by dark spots insolate, lack of sleep. It through the cell shape memory function, after the supplement of collagen, make skin restore normal appearance of the defect or depression.
( 4) Pores in its dual role of filling water and tight, dry and oily skin secretion of state will improve, is grinding to a neutral skin, and wool stoma contract carefully. Especially because the computer radiation, grease is secreted surplus cause pore bulky, with excellent results.
( 5) Anti-inflammatory sterilization to expand sex acne scars, intradermal or subcutaneous tissue damage, deep wrinkles, or other soft tissue defect were improved. For oily, acne, red skin, balance oil secretion, the effect of anti-inflammatory sterilization, especially for the treatment of acne has particularly good effects.
cosmetics factory fine chemical co. , LTD. Is a collection of cosmetics research and development, production, sales and service in a body's large-scale cosmetics processing company, cosmetics factory is different: cosmetics factory is a professional to do research and development of the two boss, one is an expert in twenty years' experience plant extraction, before working in the institute. A recipe experts, is a professor at the university of is big company before r&d technical adviser. Two boss in line with the spirit, has a group have a common aim of proficient in skin function structure, Chinese herbal formula is applied, the human body structure with experts, hope to rely on his own ability to make its own contributions to the cosmetics industry, create a natural, safe, efficient, innovative green cosmetics lipstick and create the cosmetics factory OEM factory.

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