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Lipstick manufacturers - What ingredients lipstick meet different demands of skin

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-12-17

the number of girls who know the purpose of skin care, but always error when choosing lipstick, lipstick, quickly find yourself actually want to protect skin to add ingredients to understand clearly, today let cosmetics factory production factory to share the different demands of the skin, lipstick should choose what ingredients.

- hyaluronic acid, ceramide - Moisturizing, hyaluronic acid and amide moisturizing effect is very good, can improve skin moisture capacity, and improve skin dry, rough, take it easy and anti-wrinkle effect.

fruit acid, salicylic acid - Acne, fruit acid can dredge pores, clean up dirt, mild, salicylic acid is the main purpose of clean the dirt in pores, it also has certain anti-inflammatory effects.

6 peptides, retinol - - Anti-wrinkle, six peptide nickname called anti-wrinkle peptide, can strengthen the activity of elastin, thus reducing the generation of dynamic grain and get rid of wrinkles, retinol has good anti-aging effect, its ability to strengthen metabolism is very strong, peeling, suggest use at night.

how to choose the essence? Essence what composition, choose a good is the essence of the first meet individual demands of skin, again is to distinguish the essence is the ingredients in skin effect. Repair type composition is a compound fruit acid, salicylic acid, can easily fight acne acne blackhead, and mild stimulation,

repair essence can play inside outside on the efficacy of Ann. Anti-aging type essence can effectively remove eyes and mouth XiaoYou lines, postpone skin aging speed, in the cheek skin flabby, wrinkles more have the use of failure under the condition of the efficacy of the essence. Whitening pale spot type essence ingredient is the base of benzodiazepines,

Daisy extracts, the Ming acid, etc. , can be effective from the surface into the basal layer of skin, effect on cells prevent melanin formation, so as to achieve the purpose of the light spots fade uneven tone. Moisturizing hydrating type main ingredients are hyaluronic acid, natural moisturizing molecules such as amino acid, urea, can get water shortage of skin symptoms

effective relief.
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