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Lipstick lipstick plant cosmetics factory strictly controls the generation of processing quality safety above all

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-19
Cosmetics factory is a factory has 20 years experience in research and development of lipstick lipstick, lipstick have larger share, in the marketplace, but the development of the market as the lipstick, lipstick is also more and more, on the quality of the good and bad are intermingled, lipstick and cosmetics factory processing factory has always put quality as the first, only do high-quality, efficient and safe products.

how about the quality of the processing plant for a lipstick, the first is the raw materials, raw materials whether formal qualified, how quality, determines the quality of the product. Cosmetics factory products 100% of the raw materials from Germany basf, French bick, Dutch green branch, Germany's Merck, DE xin, the Netherlands aksu, international big brands, such as a line with the international big company, we just do the best lipstick!

the product packaging, is another key factor that influences the quality of products! Lipstick in cosmetics factory processing plants, when the lipstick after processing need all packaging materials to the factory, our qc dept will be in batches, in sealing, compatibility, identification of the project such as normative, destructive test. To ensure the safety and reliability of packaging material.
in the process of production, whether it's raw material warehouse or finished goods we all have the strict quality supervision departments to do product prenatal sample indeed, during the sample, after sampling, we strictly control the detection rate of each sampling section, finished product warehouse into the warehouse, quality inspection department will conduct a comprehensive inspection.

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