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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-17
Because of staying up late. Radiation. Problems such as air pollution, let our early into the ageing of the skin, protect skin to taste, with countless brand skin problems has been no change. Lipstick plant cosmetics factory to solve these problems, development and production of the balls magic lipstick, skin filling water scheme of scientific research level, from the root repair dark desert muscle, make skin tender, moist, smooth and transparent. Seven skin problems not solve nothing is a bottle of magic balls lipstick, if you have, that is two bottles of ~

excellent functions derived from good ingredients

tuber magic lipstick, natural plant extraction, composition mainly eggs, purslane, flash baba seed oil extract, centella asiatica extract, hyaluronic acid. Eggs contain lots of vitamins and minerals and has a high biological value of protein. Purslane can relieve skin, effectively repair skin, reduce skin dry. Flash baba seed oil, can permeate to absorb, soften skin cutin, make skin soft and elastic. Centella asiatica deeply moisturize and smooth the skin blain to imprint blain hole.

6 big functions assigned to live young firming skin

( 1) Fade out fine lines
( 2) Improve coarse
( 3) Firming skin
( 4) Carry bright color of skin
( 5) Meticulous pore
( 6) Repair nourish
activating, repair, nourish skin, young muscle, let if freshman.

magic visible effect

processing plants, cosmetics factories lipstick balls magic lipstick usage, super easy to use brushes to thick lipstick essence evenly daub is on the face, quietly enjoying 30 minutes of lipstick, speed can be seen with the naked eye, essence slowly absorbed by skin, lipstick nearly invisible. And then with water spray to lipstick is now out off. Wash clean can see water and tender skin.

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