Lipstick generation processing industry continues to grow, mature

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-29
Has been widely used at present, the public basic skin care products, and make skin care products industry in the cosmetics industry in China's largest, the largest rise in absolute industry. Skincare products in China market continues to grow, more let cosmetics show vitality generation processing industry, especially the processing lipstick.
data shows that lipstick in all kinds of skin care products, the most popular at 43%. Lipstick in China than in skin care products in the market scale is higher year by year, the data showed that 2016 is as high as 11%. By 2017, China lipstick market retail sales amounted to RMB 19. 1 billion, year-on-year growth of more than 5%, lipstick products have accounted for 10 to skin care products market share. 0%, is expected in 2020 China's lipstick market capacity will reach 28. 3 billion yuan. Kay degree of consumers for Chinese consumer research indicates that in the past two years, 20 to 35 years old of young women use lipstick on average every week from 16% to 19%, the permeability of the fact that more and more people use lipstick. In the era of our country the lipstick, lipstick generation processing industry continues to grow, mature.

lipstick generation process must find cosmetics factory, cosmetics factory co-packer chairman Deng Jinsheng professor has 20 years of research and development of professional cosmetics formula technology, the founder of ms Deng Mingyu is 18 years of professional plant extract cosmetics application technology experts. And cosmetics factory hired guangdong pharmaceutical university, director of the institute, guangdong pharmaceutical university Dr Qiu-xing he cosmetics subject expert and the food and drug supervision bureau, deputy director of expert committee of yu-fang pan, professor, university of Chinese medicine pharmacology expert Dr Zhou Yuan on-the-spot guidance cosmetics formula research and development, the function analysis, plant extract, pharmacology teaching, etc.

the number of guangdong pharmaceutical university cosmetics cosmetics formula developed for science and professional senior engineer, research and development of a plant extract, cosmetics production technology quality supervision and management, brought together nearly million mature formula to ensure excellent quality of cosmetics.

cosmetics factory generation processing factory since established in 2009, the existing plant tens of thousands of square garden type factory, with advanced production and testing equipment, won the international GMPC ISO22716 clean workshop, the European Union (eu) quality management system: 2007 double certification, 2017 high-tech enterprises, is the guangdong pharmaceutical university teaching bases, and expert cooperation with universities, set up enterprise science and technology correspondent workstation, depth is committed to natural plant cosmetics research and development, production and processing, provide for the customer & other; Natural, safe, effective, innovation & throughout; Green cosmetics.

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