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Lipstick full introduction from lipstick manufacturer

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-12-22

Lipstick is the general term for all lip makeup. Lipsticks include lipsticks, lip sticks, lip glosses, lip glazes, etc., which can make the lips rosy and shiny, moisturize and protect the lips, increase facial beauty and correct the contour of the lips. It is a product that has a set off effect. It is one of the essential beauty cosmetics for women. , Can show women's sexy and charming.

Development History
Archaeologists discovered that the world's first lipstick was found in the Sumerian city of Ur. Five thousand years ago, the ancient Egyptians would use black, orange, and purple lipsticks.

In ancient Rome, a lipstick called Fucus was made of purple-red mercury-containing plant dye and red wine sediment.

In the Tang Dynasty of China, aristocratic women and Jiaofang singing girls liked to use sandalwood for their lips.

In the Victorian era, lipstick was regarded as a product of prostitutes, and the use of lipstick was a taboo.

Around 1660-1789, lipstick was popular among French and British men in Europe. Lipstick was not popular in the United States and Puritan immigrants in the eighteenth century. Beauty-loving women would rub their lips with ribbons when people were not paying attention to increase rosy. This situation was not popular until the nineteenth century, when lipstick and cosmetics were regarded as pale. Taboo, and switched to drug sales.

During the French period, Guerlain introduced tube lipsticks to the United States, mainly for a few nobles. The first metal tube lipsticks were manufactured by Maurice Levy and Scowell in Waterbury, Connecticut.

In the 1915s, manufacturing was a popular product. In the demonstrations of women's suffrageists in New York City in the 1912s, famous feminists put on lipstick, showing lipstick as a symbol of women's liberation.

In the 1920s, the popularity of movies in the United States also drove the popularity of lipsticks. After that, the popularity of all kinds of lipstick colors will be influenced by movie stars and lead the trend.

In the 1940s, American women were affected by the war and used makeup to maintain a good complexion. Tangee, one of the largest lipstick manufacturers at the time, launched an advertisement called 'War', Women and Lipstick.

In 1950, when the war ended, actresses drove the popularity of making lips full and charming. In the 1960s, because of the popular white and silver lipstick makeup, fish scales were used to create a flashing effect.

In 1970, when disco was popular, purple was a popular lipstick color, while the lipstick color favored by punk people was black.

In the 1980s, the George Boys Orchestra. Lipsticks in the 1990s began to appear in brown lipsticks, and black and blue lip colors appeared in some rock bands.

In the late 1990s, vitamins, herbs, spices and other materials were added to lipsticks in large quantities.

In the 2000s, plants and other materials were added to lipsticks, called plant lipsticks, EA, etc.

Product ingredients
Base: oil, wax, softener, so that the lipstick can solidify and last

Wax: Carnauba wax and beeswax are most commonly used. Carnauba wax is less likely to melt.

Oil: mineral oil, scallion oil, lanolin, paraffin oil.

Softeners can increase the ability of color to adhere to the lips, and can also moisturize. Lip gloss contains more oil and less wax.

Colorants: Contain pigments or dyes. The pigments used in lipsticks must be fine particles to be evenly attached to the lips.

Spices and seasonings can mask the taste of the above ingredients.

The composition ratio is: scallion oil 65%, beeswax 15%, palm wax 8-10%, lanolin 5%, a little coloring agent and fragrance.

Some lipsticks with glitter effect also contain mica, iron oxide, titanium dioxide and other ingredients. Some bright red or dark red effect lipsticks may contain cochineal parasitic on the cactus, and also contain some antiseptic ingredients.

Product Usage
First of all, be sure to wash your lips before applying lipstick, and then apply a layer of lip balm or anti-cracking cream to protect the lips and prevent cracks, so as to better apply makeup. Cover the contours of the lips with foundation or cream.

Secondly, use a lip liner to draw the ideal contour line, and the lips should be relaxed naturally, so that the shape of the lip line can be better observed. Draw in the order of the upper and lower lips. When drawing the upper lip, close your mouth and draw from the center to both sides. The lower lip line is drawn from both sides to the center. If you don't want to highlight the lip shape, you can also skip the lip line. Use your thumb and index finger to pinch the lipstick or the lip brush covered with lipstick, press the little finger on the chin, so that the hand can be fixed and supported, draw the lip mountain and the center of the lower lip to determine the lip thickness.

Then, first apply to the lips from the corners of the upper lip, and then apply to the lips from the corners of the lower lip. At this time, the lips are slightly opened to draw a better line. Pay attention to the balance between the left and right sides. After applying the outside, gradually apply to the inside until it is completely covered. Gently press your lips with facial tissue to remove excess oil. When pressing, open your lips slightly, and the effect can reach the inside of the lips. Apply gloss lipstick or accent silver lipstick to the center of the lips to make the lips look fuller.

Product effect
Alternative eyeshadow

When putting on makeup in the background, sometimes the eyeshadow of the same color cannot be found, so the makeup artist will use lipstick instead. If you don’t have the right eyeshadow, you also need 'emergency' at some point. Use lipstick to make eye shadow. It is best to use special pre-makeup eye cream or eye liquid foundation before makeup. The eye makeup effect is good, and there is no need to worry that the color of the lipstick will clump and the oil of the lipstick is too greasy for the eyes. It is more convenient for people with double eyelids to use lipstick as eye shadow. Just dip a little with a brush, just like usual eye shadow, add it between and on the double eyelid. The part close to the eyelashes can be colored heavier and gradually change shallow. Do not paint by hand in this step, otherwise it will be easy to paint unevenly and appear lumps. If it is a single eyelid, please note that the lipstick can only be used on the inner and outer corners of the eyes, not in the middle, otherwise the eyes will appear puffy and the overall makeup effect will not be good.

Alternative rouge

Making lipstick rouge is also the 'other effects' of lipsticks that we are more familiar with. Many people may have experienced similar 'emergency rescue' experiences with lipstick rouge, but most of them ended up with poor results. Repeated failures are still unknown. Professional makeup artists tell us that the most important thing is to restrain the dosage, not too much, just a little bit, not enough to add, otherwise it will be too heavy, and it will be troublesome to remedy the damage of the base makeup. First, apply the lipstick to the protruding area below the base of the thumb, rub it slightly, warm the lipstick with the temperature of the palm, and then use the cheekbones as the center of the circle, press it on the skin and faint to both sides, so that the outward drawing will be better Make the face more contoured. If you want to make your face look rounder, you can press on the apple muscle (smiley muscle) on your face to make it look more rounded and lovely.


Retouching the contours of the face with lipstick is a 'secret trick' of a makeup artist, which can make the face appear smaller and more three-dimensional. In terms of color, it is best to choose a dark brown lipstick (this is why there are 'non-red' lipsticks on the counters of many professional brands, which can still exert this effect). Using lipstick to fix the shape is actually better than using powder, and the color is soft, not too deep or too obvious. After applying the lipstick with a brush, first start from the hairline of the cheekbones and apply to the corners of the mouth to outline the effect of the small face. The color can gradually deepen. Pay attention to the area and don't brush too much at one time.

Lipstick disease

Lipstick disease refers to a cosmetic allergy caused by the application of lipstick on the lips. Lip allergies such as chapped lips, swelling, itching, peeling of the epidermis, and slight pain may occur. Some people may cause poisoning or even cancer. This symptom is called It is called 'lipstick disease'.

Chemical disease

Lipstick is also known as lipstick. Its main ingredients are lanolin, wax and pigment. Lanolin has a complex composition and can easily cause allergic reactions to people with allergies. In addition, lanolin has strong adsorption and can remove air Small particles of harmful substances such as dust, bacteria, viruses, etc. are adsorbed on the mucous membrane of the lips and irritate the local area. This not only increases the chance of triggering allergies, but also when people drink or eat, they bring lipstick and attachments into the mouth, accumulating over time. These harmful substances accumulate in the body and cause potential harm to the body. The pigment contained in lipstick is harmful to the human body. If drinking water or eating carelessly, these harmful substances can affect health when entering the body. Especially women have more opportunities to eat snacks, and if they have poor dietary habits, they are more likely to be hurt by lipstick.

The color can be darkened slowly, pay attention to the area, and don't brush too much at once.

Pay attention to what color should be used for what occasion.
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