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Lipstick factory recommend breathing bubble lipstick how good

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-28
Lipstick is a carrier of the beauty care product, is also a category of skin care products, it is the most basic and most important purpose is to discharge makeup and after washing a face, cooperate with other essential ingredients to achieve the function of other maintenance. Lipstick but cosmetics factory factory specialized research and development of respiratory bubble lipstick not only maintenance function, also clean effect.

lipstick plant research and development of new products, cosmetics factory breathing bubble lipstick, micro bubbles generated by decomposition of apple seed extract fermentation micro bubble absorption of oxygen, make the skin in a state of active oxygen, in-depth will waste and toxins in pores of skin, helping to eliminate accumulation of cutin and skin cell metabolism of aging; After dredge pores at the same time, make it easier for other nutrients absorption, can achieve clean, moisture, purify skin deeply, active oxygen detoxification, firm, pure white and brighten, prevent acne, gentle exfoliator eight big effect!

cosmetics factory breath bubble lipstick
why cosmetics factory lipstick plant respiration bubble lipstick will have so much effect? The reason is that this lipstick contains a wealth of colour composition!
1, hyaluronic acid, also known as hyaluronic acid, is a kind of acid mucopolysaccharide, itself is a component of the human body, has a special role in water, is currently the moisturizing effect best substance found in nature, known as the ideal natural moisturizing factor

2, apple seed extract: apple seeds contain polyphenols, apple polyphenol anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-radiation, whitening and moisturizing multiple role, for many factors cause skin aging, wrinkles and pigmentation has a unique effect. Apple seed extract active molecules into muscle bottom extremely easily, make pore deposition have been effectively remove rubbish, cell vitality.

3, sunflower seed oil, sunflower seed oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements. The vitamin E can prevent cellular damage from free radicals, have the function of the tender, whiten skin.

4, allantoin, human skin's own ingredients, can promote cell growth, accelerate wound healing, soften cutin protein, and other functions. Can accelerate the skin self-organizing reconstruction, repair skin, inducing new tender skin delicate skin.

four star component coordinated effect, fully makes the skin renewal new power! And successfully developed product efficacy so powerful breathing bubble lipstick, lipstick because cosmetics factory processing plants with professor Dr R &d team, equipped with a stable high-quality cosmetics research and development professionals, won the national certificate of high and new technology enterprise, the two bosses have 20 years of research experience in cosmetics formula design and natural plant extraction and application research, hope to rely on his own ability to make its own contributions to the cosmetics industry, create a natural, safe, efficient, innovative green cosmetics.

cosmetics factory can do far more than that, hope and more aspiring to create cosmetics brand. Cosmetics factory can give to the products definitely meet expectations.



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