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Lipstick factory: apply lipstick should pay attention to the problem

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-10-18

apply lipstick, must pay attention to the time, or else face would probably be destroyed, many people all year round without apply lipstick, hydrating whitening, etc. , so you must pay attention to the problem as an introduction to apply lipstick:

and apply lipstick before chamfer: all say facial skin needs regular chamfer, because chamfer can promote skin metabolism, promote absorption. But, too frequent exfoliator can destroy the natural barrier of skin.

not immediately apply lipstick, dry skin, when the skin due to lack of water is in a state of extreme drought, inappropriate immediately apply lipstick, otherwise it will irritate the skin and even cause sensitive.

and the bath: apply lipstick is fit for the need to note that not all lipstick, daub lipstick type is suitable for use in the bath, and fabric type lipstick is suitable for use after a bath, because if it is used in the bath, the water vapor will cause or lipstick is not easy with your skin.

and apply the eye with facial lipstick: most lipstick ingredients can cause stimulus to weak eye skin, so use lipstick, must avoid eye skin. The structure of the eye and other facial skin is different, so you need to have different nutrients, if you want to strengthen eye care, eye mask exclusively in the eye.

: washing a face, be sure to apply the lipstick lipstick after apply is over, be sure to wash your face, especially some lipstick with a clean chamfer type is need to be cleaned, and carries on the convergence, otherwise easy to cause pore and skin damage, if after apply lipstick not wash a face, likely clogged pores, lipstick remaining essence ingredients into the pores, easily lead to clogged pores, cause such problems as long blain on the face. Skin, gooey: lipstick contains a lot of the composition such as essence, thickener, gooey feeling is difficult to eliminate. Impact absorption: lipstick will hinder the remnants of skincare products infiltration absorption, can appear even rub mud phenomenon. Poor skin elasticity: don't wash a face, can not effectively the pores, easy to make pore becomes more and more big, the skin elasticity.

the above introduction hope I can help to you, don't waste the lipstick, also make the skin worse and worse, lipstick should apply to not only, still have to choose the right. Selection for the skin, after all, really effective lipstick, can apply a good skin, everyday just remove makeup, clean face thoroughly, keep skin clean, can apply lipstick. Apply the former should ensure that the skin moist, wet skin to absorb more moisture and nutrition.
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