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Lipstick demand soared, membrane cloth out of stock prices surge, also don't hurry to find lipstick factory

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-25
Netizen during outbreaks, it's not a pastime, a year before in a few box of lipstick outbreaks were used up two or three months of last year, according to the lipstick. Skincare brand fang said, that still don't find lipstick plant processing?

as a lipstick factory, cosmetics factory processing, also advise brand do lipstick mouth red cloth upstream spunlace non-woven fabric supplier in response to a government called on, factory is commence in protective class production line, this will mean for the next three months or longer, non-woven ( All lipstick base material industry collectively) Product the goods time will be slow, prices go up, may be you have the money to me out of stock!

especially do lipstick item customers, please timely communication, individual non-woven, individual raw material has been out of stock now and price soaring. In the normal delivery, the price can still haven't raised, please customers to pay the deposit, row of single shipment!

original cosmetics industry is profiteering industry, attracted a lot of people waiting to see, but whoever hands quickly force now, foreign material in the continual price increases will also face out of stock. Cosmetics factory 20 years professional plant extracts research and development processing, the core technology research and development of natural plant system has successfully helped 3000 brand successful listing, long-term cooperation must level brand, and cosmetics factory, technical quality sales support! What are you waiting for? 23 patents publicity, technology manufacturers endorsed the escort for the customer. Cosmetics factory customize your exclusive beauty: - 4006 565 - 613
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