Lipstick cosmetics factory processing plant - — Compared with the ordinary silk lipstick lipstick what are the advantages?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-16
What is the silk lipstick? What is the difference between it and other common lipstick? Before you answer the two questions, we first look at its source, silk lipstick source already a long time, as early as the Ming dynasty period, the silk is used as a beauty products, it is the imperial palace daily beauty health products. Silk lipstick is the main raw materials of silk fibroin fiber and active, fibroin contains very high nutritional value of 18 kinds of amino acids to human body, belongs to the porous material, permeability is very good, good water imbibition, material is very good and beauty.

silk lipstick is the focus of many lipstick manufacturers research and development, due to the demand of the market is high, above all technology has been mature, cosmetics factory lipstick plant for many years, research and development production of silk lipstick lipstick for many brands to provide OEM services. Silk lipstick is lipstick plant cosmetics factory main products, silk processing lipstick with strict technical requirements, the choice of material is also need to strictly control. Below is for you to introduce the function of the cosmetics factory silk factory lipstick lipstick:

become beautiful plant polypeptide cream silk the lipstick

cosmetics factory silk factory lipstick lipstick can adjust skin texture

silk for the skin, improve endocrine, improve microcirculation, and promote and participate in the metabolism of skin, these effects are complementary to each other, silk skin, is not a drug, but because the biocompatibility of silk and 87% of the structure similarity, making silk release of nutrients, do not need to translate or decomposition can be directly absorbed by skin to use. Skin of the body can take the initiative to use silk of nutrients, regulation of forming self repair, such as silky soft skin.

cosmetics factory silk factory lipstick lipstick can supplement nutrition

in the silk protein serine, lysine, arginine and aspartic and glutamic acid are essential nutrients for skin, the nutrition elements can be absorbed through skin cell gap and glands, to supplement the nutrition for the skin and promote cell metabolism, enhance the cell vitality and elasticity of the skin.

cosmetics factory silk factory lipstick lipstick can replenishing water

silk protein enriched in many amino ( - CHNH) , amino, - NH2) Such as hydrophilic groups, can play the role of natural moisturizing factor. Silk protein in keeping moisture at the same time regulate the skin pH value, enhance the skin's own immune ability, make the skin keep a healthy state.

the effect of silk lipstick is diverse, it is not just the above several, such as there is the effect of moisture, repair damaged skin, etc, so wanting a friend can be used in ordinary beauty &skin care more silk lipstick.

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