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【 Lipstick co-packer 】 Lipstick brand, domestic and foreign exchanges who better?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-22
The lipstick in 2011 in the United States is strength the next two years, lipstick brand is increased by 400%, and is almost & other; Blowout & throughout; The outbreak of the growth. Not only the size of the domestic brand in cluster into lipstick market, foreign brand also don't want to miss this category. Direct purchase, or to provide raw materials for production line contract. Lipstick brand in domestic and foreign exchange who can better? The following by the cosmetics factory lipstick generation processing factory to give you the answer.

the muscle after the buyout by l 'oreal, did not achieve a win-win situation. Released in August 2016, l 'oreal interim results, performance of disclosure is beautiful, the impairment loss is half year 2, 2016. 1. 3 billion euros, or about RMB 15. 79. 6 billion yuan. Just four years, a brand losing to the bottom. Statistics show, in 2016 the United States is online market share has fallen to 2. 1%, eighth in domestic brands, market lags behind that of the lipstick of rising star: a family leaves, membrane method, such as royal mud fang brand. Who has a better natural outcome.

from the matter can be seen, the international big shop sign also not is what category are good at, such as non-woven lipstick, has been selling expensive, the product itself also does not have innovation, market operation and product positioning is not doing very well. That only local brands created & other; Corner overtaking & throughout; The opportunity. ”

lipstick co-packer think cosmetics factory, today although the lipstick brand in the majority, but for now, consumers lack of brand loyalty for lipstick, so want to enduring in the market, must want to improve customer retention. As to how to raise consumer's lead, which requires the products not only to high quality, but also have their own characteristics.

although lipstick industry low barriers to entry, but if we cannot trust to shape consumer repeat purchase, the brand will soon disappear. Cosmetics factory lipstick on the one hand want to co-packer & other; Cake & throughout; Do big, on the one hand, want to reverse the brands thinking, told its depends on the product quality, product innovation to attract consumers, combination of the two is the winning formula. Rather than take money & other; Hit & throughout; Advertising or promotion.

now lipstick is China's only able to challenge the international brand cosmetics category, cosmetics factory lipstick co-packer believe, as long as the domestic lipstick adhere to quality first, do not forget to innovation. Will surely usher in domestic lipstick in the warm spring, those of foreign brands.

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