life with larson: a world cup diary

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-07
On Saturday, July 12, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-it\'s like drug trafficking here. Think about it.
Several officials of the International Football Association were suspected of reopening
Sell tickets at amazing prices
According to various reports, a scam that won nearly $100 million in \"dealers.
Then the street-
Level ticket dealers, when you go out of date, those who whisper on the trees outside the stadium.
I walked to Maracana stadium on Saturday afternoon.
A guy next to me asked if I needed a ticket.
\"Tickets for Amanha?
\"He repeated and asked if I needed a ticket for the final between Argentina and Germany on Sunday.
He took out the phone and called a number and handed me a phone that looked like 10 years old.
So, naturally, I put it on my ear.
Only the number entered by that person is not the phone number.
He asked me to pay $4,000.
I told him it was too much for fun.
He then entered four more digits: 6,000, which is the price of the Brazilian real he wanted me to pay.
The real 6,000 is about $2,750. I agreed.
\"Do you have a ticket? \" I asked.
He told me to follow him as a street operator.
We ended up in contact with a small church group that distributed Christian materials.
The ticket dealer is obviously a friend of the church.
The audience wrote a number on a piece of paper and told me to call to arrange the pick-up.
It seems that church groups may be a front of a lucrative ticket scam, a scam involving off-site
A website dealer who answers calls like other drug dealers.
It\'s really genius.
With the police and the army doing their best to put an end to scalpers, is there any better way to avoid being discovered than to act as an innocent messenger of God?
Then, fans who don\'t have tickets may still think they need to buy seats for Sunday night games from heaven.
Maybe they were right. they just found the wrong place.
Luckily, my media certificate gave me a major seat.
Friday, July 11, Rio, Brazil-
For a place with such a bad reputation before the World Cup, maaus is probably the best Brazilian city I \'ve been to in these five years --Week Championship
Do you remember maaus?
I spent the second week of the World Cup odyssey there.
Yes, it\'s wet.
The error is 10-
Twice as much as anything we have in Canada.
Sometimes the temperature is unbearable.
But I would rather go back to the secluded areas of the Brazilian rainforest than this polluting plant.
I\'m sure I missed something.
I\'m sure there are some nice beaches in there.
I just didn\'t see any games before the final on Sunday.
The worst thing about this metropolis is noise. Bus after bus.
Ambulance after ambulance
I know what you\'re talking about: \"Okay, Larson.
Please allow me to call you.
\"It\'s just that I don\'t think so.
Before the game, because of the position, Ma aus was attacked by the outside world.
But if you ask anyone who goes, they will tell you that the situation is not that bad.
It\'s good to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city.
This is something different.
The same is true of El Salvador and Fortaleza.
Compared with this huge cement board, Belo auritibet is also quite gentle.
Maybe I just ate sour grapes.
If one thing I have learned is never trust a South American hotel.
My pad in Rio is in a good location but does not provide Internet service
Or shower curtain or something.
I\'m basically in a time warp.
This hotel has not been updated since Pele boarded the football field.
It has necessities.
Free room and bed.
But after that, I\'m not quite sure what separates it from the cell.
Where am I going with this?
My hotel in the rainforest-
You know, the tribes that are still intact are still walking around in their clothes.
There is a flat screen TV.
There is a door in the shower and it feels more like something you will pay.
Before this race, I never thought I would miss a place known for malaria and fever.
But it turns out that when taking the route of less travel, I was more spoiled than my colleagues
Staff member Maurice Dallas Costa mainly allocates time between Rio and Sao Paulo.
Ask me where I will go if I come back again.
The answer is simple: I will go back to the western and northern outpost of this South American land, where the pace of life is slower and accommodation is as advertised.
Thursday, July 10, Belo auritibet, Brazil
Like most parts of South America, it takes quite a bit of patience to get there from here.
It is spiritual consumption.
It takes every ounce of energy from you.
Bad for your health.
Then Brazil.
It makes no sense.
Nonsense starts with the first thing in the morning.
A simple task like check out-
Love Motel
It takes up to 30 minutes.
\"Sir, do you have anything from the bar?
Asked a front desk passenger.
If your answer is yes, be prepared to wait. \"Laundry? \"Yep.
\"Did you order dinner? ”Ci.
Since everything is done on paper, it takes more time to get you out of this place.
When you are too upset to pay attention, they will try to check out for you.
\"We have charged you a 50% fee,\" they explained . \".
The other half is here.
\"They gave you four receipts along the way.
Your flight is late and you have to figure it out later.
In retrospect, don\'t make the mistake of leaving the hotel on time.
Leave two hours early.
Wherever you are, you will encounter a typical Brazilian traffic jam.
I\'m not kidding. these things can be fatal.
Some journalists here get gas masks in case things get out of control.
In fact, they should wear them whenever they are on the road. In hour-
Long traffic jams, endless idleness of large diesel trucks
On the highway, their exhaust pipe is straight to your face.
I\'m sorry if it makes no sense.
The amount of smoke I breathe in the past four weeks is huge.
If this doesn\'t make you feel uncomfortable, the fact that your flight takes off after more than an hour will make your heart beat faster.
But even when you get to the airport, the frustration is just beginning.
While some of the airports here are much better than others, many of them do not have orders.
It\'s okay.
Brazilian family
Whether you like it or not
Expand in three and four queues to see which one moves faster.
It is believed that luggage can be used as a placeholder for queuing when they stroll for coffee.
These are all ridiculed by our North Americans.
While my first half of the day in Belo auritibet was chaotic, there was a saving grace.
Sitting in the first row on my flight to Rio, it was all worth it.
This is exactly what I need after the fiasco.
On Wednesday, July 9, Belo auritibet, Brazil
As I continue to stay at love motels across the country, it feels strange to call Brazilians masochism.
To some extent, however, this is them.
How can you explain the football players?
There\'s a crazy radio station in Brazil.
Germany played in the first four games of 4 p. m. ?
Unfortunately, the score has never changed for the locals.
In FIFA\'s history book, seven goals were lost to the Germans.
If there\'s an archive in Brazil
This is Brazil\'s worst failure in nearly a century.
Strangely, the Post on Wednesday
The anatomy is quite mild.
Before the game on Tuesday night, the media here reported the game. stop.
Without a reporter reporting what Neymar had for breakfast, Brazilian players would not be able to move their muscles.
A day later, the same passage appeared on the wall. to-
World Cup report-
Sometimes beyond-
He was chosen as the Brazilian volleyball man to tango with Italians.
Compared to what we are used to, it is not entirely fascinating.
To be sure, the conversation has changed. Top concern?
Argentina\'s prospects for winning the World Cup in rival territory.
A local here told me on Wednesday that Brazil will support Germany.
His reason is that as long as their neighbors in the South don\'t hold it here, the people in this country will be satisfied that there is no sixth World Cup.
After all, it is terrible to think of this. \"It’s Messi vs.
\"Neymar,\" the man said to me.
Messi is still a game away from a country that hates his trophy.
Argentina\'s dislike of the place is comparable to the hot and cold relationship between the United States and Mexico.
It extends beyond the football field, though where the battle is usually victory and defeat.
The funny thing is that when I asked my love motel Razer Brazil didn\'t really like Argentina, he didn\'t really know.
Like the Argentine fans in Sao Paulo on Wednesday.
In the semi-finals of the Netherlands, he only knew that Messi should be booing as soon as he touched the ball.
Because of this, it is clear that although Argentina does not face the host country, it will be away on Sunday in Rio.
On Tuesday, July 8, Belo auritibet, Brazil
On Tuesday morning, I woke up with a full emergency, the biggest game of the World Cup.
I was not hurt.
There is no family emergency either.
Thank God my love motel is not on fire.
But for a journalist, what happened to me on Monday night made me have nightmares.
The power cord of my laptop is broken.
Half is broken.
Never came back since then.
It forced me to get up before 9. m.
Tuesday morning
Horror, I know.
The thing is this: no problem if I go back to Toronto.
I went to the Apple store for a while and I was on my way.
But in Brazil, it is difficult to do anything, sometimes even impossible.
I asked at my motel about the prospect of looking for an Apple store.
\"There\'s one,\" she said, to cheer me up. \"It’s in Rio. \"Just a six-One hour drive from the hotel.
\"There is a place in the mall that may have it,\" she added . \".
So I went by taxi.
There is no computer store in the first shopping center on the road.
Fortunately, I was pointed to another shopping center in the city center.
The problem is, on the day of the game
Brazil against Germany in the semi-finals of the World Cup
It is not allowed to go anywhere. go.
However, my taxi driver jumped up on the highway.
When everything seemed smooth, we had a huge traffic jam.
Not just traffic jams, my driver said, \"this may take a whole day . \".
He then sent out a strange rant about how the Brazilian authorities refused to scrape the body off the sidewalk after the car crash, but instead allowed them to sit there in a row when he was inconvenient.
At the same time, I was inhaling the exhaust gas while we were sitting next to the big truck.
By then I have convinced myself that I will not be able to find the Mac power cord.
Are I still ready to play?
After all, it\'s only five hours away.
In the end, my taxi driver managedzag to an off-
Before taking a return route, I arrived at a shopping mall three hours later.
According to the Internet,
Almost always right.
There is a Mac retailer in this series of stores.
But when I approached the mall staff, none of them heard where I was looking.
When I was about to give up, I took out my laptop and pointed to Apple.
There was some poor communication.
The staff at the mall were very aware of what I was looking for and sent me to the \"ipcrunch\" store.
The last family of four
On the one-hour journey, I went back to work and was ready to cover the biggest game I had ever played.
\"Wait, where is my laptop?
\"I almost left it in the\" ipcrunch \"store in Belo o\'ristant.
Yes, I almost went to the stadium with my brand new power cord.
A month in Brazil. that\'s what it is for a man.
On Monday, July 7, Belo auritibet, Brazil
Le Monde love motel in the southern city is very good.
Not like my love motel in El Salvador
The staff speak English at Belo auriante.
They wash your clothes.
They were very helpful.
That\'s why my friend is here.
Front desk staff
Let me know a little secret shortly after I arrived.
Apparently, at least one Brazilian international visited the love motel during the game.
Three motel staff here claim that Bernard, who is currently competing with Brazil, has come here many times.
\"He stayed for about five hours,\" Razer told me . \".
Spent five hours at the Love motel?
I want you to decide what that means.
That makes sense, too.
Brazil also played here in 16 rounds, beating Chile in a penalty shootout.
One of the passengers also claimed that Ronaldinho was at the World newspaper motel-
When you consider that the Brazilian legend is currently playing for the local club in Belo o\'ristadt, it makes sense as well.
So, naturally, I asked an obvious question: can you take me to the deluxe suite?
Because of course they are obliged, I am so kind.
So we went and ended up walking a little stairs before entering the Le Monde suite, and if you order all the fancy stuff, the price will be over $3,000 per night. (
Note from the boss: the room I stayed in was much cheaper and the price was much more moderate. I promise. )The four-
Room with hot tub, pool, disco, bar, multiple beds, 2-
People shower and more.
I can almost smell the long hair of Ronaldinho.
There is also a retractable roof similar to the Toronto Rogers Center, and the indoor pool quickly becomes open-air.
I had the staff take a few pictures of me as well.
Because, you know, I rarely put my ass on the same big bar stool.
On Sunday, July 6, Belo alistat, Brazil-
After spending a night with me at my El Salvador love motel
Yes, we have separate rooms.
On Sunday afternoon, Leonardo and I took a taxi to the airport in front of our flight to Belo auritibet. Now a U. S.
Brazilian citizens 30-something-year-
The old man can speak English and take a taxi.
Price negotiation-
Easier to manage.
Only this dialogue is different from past interactions.
It\'s not about fixing football in Canada or the United States.
Questions I get asked a lot.
This is about the lack of a special player in Brazil.
No, he\'s not talking about Neymar.
\"Everyone in Brazil wants to be a star,\" Leonardo told me . \" They wanted to do a trick, he added.
\"We don\'t. 9.
He mentioned Ronaldo, Mario and some other \"unskilled\" players who only scored goals.
Brazil currently does not.
9, Fred, \"did a good job at the Confederations Cup,\" he finished, and he said the hosts needed to withdraw from the tournament in Neymar.
But he agreed that Fred was not at his best.
Then, a revelation: \"You said you were from Toronto?
\"Although he asked if Toronto was as cold as New York, he admitted that Brazilian goalkeeper Cesar had played a short game in the smoke.
Leonardo was a close follower of Brazil\'s top flight and was excited when I mentioned Gilberto.
\"A good player,\" he said, and the people I asked for the first time all met the new designated players in Toronto FC.
Trying to talk about MLS 10 years ago is like talking to a wall. Nobody cared.
In Brazil, however, some people who want to talk about Jayman Defoe come to me --
Even the growth of the alliance.
An example: An Australian man at El Salvador airport asked me why the New York Red Bull team has been playing Tim Cahill improperly.
He added: \"He has no speed and the ball is terrible . \"
Of course I disagree with this analysis.
He thinks Cahill should play forward with Henry.
But, hey, I\'m happy to talk about MLS with foreigners who haven\'t given the league a day before.
Then, as always, Australians have to ask.
\"When will Canada hold another World Cup? \" he chimed in.
When the kangaroo flew, I thought.
\"It will take a while,\" I replied . \".
Friday, July 4, Fortaleza, Brazil
People talk about the deaths of Canadian and American journalismS.
They either don\'t like the stories or simply don\'t understand the difference between a point article and a hard news angle.
While I obviously disagree with the above, it is certain that journalism has never even been born outside parts of North America and Western Europe.
For example, remember those Chilean fans who tried to break into Rio Maracana stadium a few weeks ago?
Less than 100 of people tried to tear down the wall of the media center that day.
In a conversation with the United StatesS.
Reporter at Maracana that night, she just thought the jersey
Wearing Chilean French clothes
The breaker is a reporter trying to get through the cafeteria.
Because, well, South American journalists don\'t really \"report\" as you know them \".
They wear jerseys.
They cheered the whole game.
Heck, every stadium I \'ve been to, most people sitting in the written news area don\'t write anything.
They don\'t have a computer either.
A group of Chinese journalists came here on Friday night.
They sat in the news box on my left.
For some reason, they are enthusiastic Brazilian supporters who cheer loudly whenever Brazil has it.
They applauded, took pictures, and, frankly, they did not report.
The English on my right is just as disturbed as I am.
The same is true of Brazil\'s \"media.
\"At a press conference on Thursday, Brazilian coach Scolari asked local journalists to support the team instead of publishing what he thought was negative.
Therefore, local journalists began to state their affiliation before saying \"professor, we support you\", which is the title given to managers in this part of the world.
Can you imagine a house of NHL journalists supporting your local team despite the poor results?
Can you imagine a lost NFL coach being blindly supported by a House of football jerseys-wearing journalists?
I support patriotism, but the real journalism will suck out your fans.
Frankly, after six years in this line, I can not care who won what.
Coming to the World Cup makes you realize that journalism is far from dying in North America.
It also makes you realize how lucky we are to have a fair press that is still the Jersey-less.
Thursday, July 3, Fortaleza, Brazil
\"Is this my taxi?
I asked the hotel staff on Thursday morning.
\"This is not a taxi,\" I added.
Response from my hotel Razer: Thumbs up!
I need a lift in this coastal town and I asked the hotel to call the taxi.
A few minutes later, a Volkswagen car that crashed into each other rolled up with a woman inside.
No meter.
There is also no \"taxi\" sign.
I thought to myself, \"you must be joking with me . \"
Late and desperate, I agreed with a price and jumped up in the back.
\"No,\" she pointed to the seat in the front row.
Apparently, the man sitting behind her made her uncomfortable.
When you come across this, you really don\'t know what will happen next.
Is she taking me to the dark alley?
Did I get a ransom?
All these ideas, though unlikely, run through your mind.
We arrived at our destination 10 minutes later.
I think it\'s ridiculous to ask for a recibo (receipt)
But it was decided.
Look, my taxi driver.
Just my driver.
Take out a receipt as if she was legal.
Taking a taxi is a pleasure considering my interaction the night before.
Looking back, one of the guys who picked me up after dinner on Wednesday night tried to charge me $250 for £ 10minute ride.
I convinced him $10 to prove that I was either the greatest negotiator in history or a complete liar.
I\'m going with the former.
At the end of Thursday night, I was sitting with a group of English-speaking Brazilian journalists.
I introduced them to the heroes of the past World Cup in Brazil.
I named Romano, CAFO and Roberto Carlos.
Beto, rivardo and friends.
To my surprise, they know where everyone is.
Politicians, commentators, homeless people.
On every flight I take, flight attendants welcome passengers to the \"football country\", which is confirmed by the fact that World Cup heroes are tracked like the United States. S. presidents.
Yes, the country of football, and the crooked taxi driver.
Wednesday, July 2, Fortaleza, Brazil
Do you know the poor men and women who sit on the corner and have a sign in front of them?
\"Work for food.
Or, can\'t find a job. \"Or, \"Ex-
Look for a job, veteran.
\"Yes, all the unfortunate souls.
Among the Brazilian fans-
Mainly foreign.
Already started walking around the airport with similar banners, asking for tickets.
There were even people who didn\'t post flights in the airport terminal and wanted to rate their seats.
After all, people who are crazy about spending money on tickets for the World Cup may not be walking down the streets of downtown Salvador, will they? One Spanish-
On Wednesday, in front of the security guards at El Salvador airport, the speaker plopped boldly and asked for tickets for the upcoming top eight.
When I was going to take a picture of him, he thought I wanted to give him a picture.
I dragged him away faster than the security guard and killed his excitement. \"Sorry, man. No tickets.
Can I take pictures? \" I asked.
It turned out that several had decided to reproduce the above-mentioned security guards and drafted their own logo inside the terminal building.
On one occasion, three or four people walked around aimlessly with slogans hanging around their necks.
They seem to be picketing.
They go very slowly and take long enough for people to read their logo.
Tickets for this country are golden.
Like Willie Wonka.
FIFA says they exist.
The World Cup governing body says there are still some sales.
Still, no one is able to buy anything.
At a recent media briefing, a journalist accused FIFA staff of misleading them. seekers.
On Tuesday, Brazilian authorities also arrested 11 people suspected of scalpers and are investigating whether some members of the Brazilian federation were involved in a ticket sales gang.
What is that?
Is a member of the national team suspected of reselling?
Meanwhile, these zombies
Just like fans walking around the Brazilian airport looking for a huge score.
On my flight from El Salvador to Fortaleza on Wednesday, a man said he could not find tickets for the $8,000 World Cup final --
Face value more than 10 times.
As far as I know, most of the people around the stadium I \'ve been to can barely afford football, let alone World Cup tickets.
Kids you almost hope to play on the street in front of the stadium can enter for free.
Instead, they have everything
There are too familiar signs in front of them, similar to the ones I mentioned above.
El Salvador, Brazil, Monday, June 30
I went back to El Salvador, which started reporting three weeks ago.
The front desk passenger of the love motel I went back to was glad I came back.
After what just happened in Recife, I can say that this feeling is mutual.
The Recife Inn in the royal court of Macau is too much to deal.
I followed Costa Rica to the hotel.
Greece, ready to be fired.
Exhausted, I was not thrilled with the prospect of waking up at 4: 30 in the morning. m.
Flights to El Salvador
At least I will take a shower, I think.
But when turning the knob to the left, there is no water coming out.
In Recife, the weather was hot and sticky, and I beat the keyboard in the stadium most of the time.
I tried the tap. No luck. No water. The toilet?
It won\'t flush.
So back up the stairs, I tried to hammer things out.
It wrote that the Razer in front of me was a helpless child who directed me to a sign: \"We have a broken pipe . \".
\"The water will only last six hours.
\"So, in other words, the rest of my stay at this hotel,\" I said with a smile.
I didn\'t smile when I got back to my room.
I took out a few bottles of water from the fridge.
I think, I can\'t wait to go to the love motel tomorrow.
I have ants on the counter and water stains on the ceiling.
At that time, I only had four hours before I needed to wake up.
The last thing I saw before I left on Monday morning?
A cockroach under the bed as big as toonie.
After a night without water and bugs on the floor, there is definitely a discount in the store.
No, instead, the Pousada Recife Inn charged me for the bottled water I washed my face with the fridge.
Taking a taxi to the airport is also a new experience.
It turned out that Brazilian taxi drivers were allowed to run red lights at 5 in the morning. m.
As long as they whistle as they cross the intersection.
Like I was in an ambulance.
Given the conditions I was fleeing, it was well worth the risk of an accident.
Even better, the shower at my old love motel was warm.
On Sunday, June 29, Belo alistat, Brazil-
He claims to be David Lewis of Australia, and at least one toe is missing.
For me, in Africa
Stop the World Cup report, this is not the type of conversation I want at 6 in the morning. m.
Still, it is very interesting.
\"Where are you from?
Asked an Australian man after seeing my Canadian flag.
He added: \"I\'m looking for some weeds because things are weird in Brazil.
After spending some time in Vancouver, Lewis described the difference between marijuana being day and night.
\"I\'m looking for TAM kiosk,\" I replied . \".
So before my flight to Recife, I started taking a walk at the Belo o\'ristant airport and then to gosca-Greece game.
\"I should have left last night,\" Lewis said loudly . \".
But they said I was drunk. \"Is it ? \"
Lewis admitted he was, just because he was in Brazil.
Chile\'s game, \"there is only one chance in a lifetime.
\"At the time, I thought he was starting to scare some locals.
He began to stand next to a cardboard cut in Louis and pointed to the picture to try to get people to notice.
However, all I can notice is his foot --
He is short of a small finger.
I guess he must have lost it inland, maybe a wild dog.
Considering that he admitted to drinking all night, I was also wondering if he would fly next time.
This guy reminds me of Rafi if you \'ve seen the league.
There is no caring side in this world.
2014 in Brazil, these drifters are everywhere.
In any case, of course, they are not afraid to engage in dialogue.
Another drifter was almost kicked last week on a flight from Recife to Brasilia
The man sitting next to him.
Fortunately, for FIFA, I \'ve seen more drunken people quarreling at the Love Motel and on the plane than in any arena.
As for Lewis, I can only imagine where that guy will end up.
He added that he recently fell in love with a local girl he vowed to marry and added that he did not want to go home.
I just want to know if he has a family.
But, hey, when you look like a Brazilian national player, I think it would be good to hang out in any town in Brazil.
On Saturday, June 28, Belo orizante, Brazil-The day begins with a slap in the face on my face.
Well, it was by chance, but it still gave me a fat lip.
Anyone who wants to play in Brazil should pay attention: Avoid the crowds.
Unfortunately, the media had to go through thousands of yellow colors in minilo --
In order to go to the news center, dressed up, drunk Brazilians.
When I was cleaning up security here on Saturday, I tried to avoid a group of fans taking pictures and all of a sudden, WACK!
The face of my palm.
It turned out that a Brazilian fan was eager to hold the flag on his head, forgetting that there might be unsuspecting people walking nearby.
So my lips are swollen-
And a little headache.
I put pressure in a safer way than the White House.
After all, Chile is in town today.
FIFA has had a problem with a group of Chilean fans trying to break into the stadium.
So, like anything in life, everyone has to suffer.
There were too many fences and none of the volunteers knew how to tell me where to get in. \"Prensa! Journalista!
\"I said, not sure what language I speak.
Then it hit me.
This will be the best way to enter the World Cup.
Are you listening to El Gordo? —
As a volunteer.
At least 80% of the \"volunteers\" staff here don\'t know how to help people, especially those who don\'t speak Portuguese.
For example, four different volunteers at Belo o\'ristant on Saturday told me that the news portal was in different places.
An hour later, I finally found my way in the nosebleed seat.
I\'m not complaining, but the fact that the stadium setting here actually gives Brazilian fans a bit of a distraction from drinking beer in the news area.
So, along with other members of the Senegal and Kenya Alliance, two Canadian journalists were forced to hold hands with fans during the match --
It\'s not easy when you submit a story on the deadline.
Again, when you\'re from Canada, you really can\'t get as much respect from FIFA as a stadium staff member at Recife told me last week, \"(Canada)no qualify.
\"Not even close,\" I replied . \".
Friday, June 27, Recife, Brazil-
The football came out a day late.
A country of its own is now a crazy country.
In northeast Brazil, the story seems to be the exclusive story of the Toronto Sun.
In other words, the Toronto Raptors have chosen a \"guy nobody has ever heard of,\" a football fan told me.
At least not in this part of the country.
This reminds me: there must be someone who has heard of the child somewhere other than the American sitting next to me.
So since I don\'t speak Portuguese, I propose a more general way of communicating --my iPhone —
Google searched Bruno.
\"What\'s his last name?
\"I asked a family in nearby Houston. Caboclo. Ah, yes. That’s it —the 18-year-
The old man in the south of Sao Paulo is a mystery at this point.
\"No,\" I think, take a break from the World Cup.
I will impress my editor by tracking the origins of this draft.
Google popped up on my phone with a picture of Caboclo playing for Pinheiros.
For curious Brazilian citizens, I met someone who tried to issue an Amber Alert.
My first question to you is: \"Can you speak English, please?
Then the next one
Up: \"Have you ever seen this person?
\"Raise a picture of the mysterious Caboclo on my phone and his name is still clearly visible in the search engine.
\"My first Brazilian theme read, squinting at the name above the picture I provided.
\"I don\'t know him,\" he replied. he only knows two nba players: LeBron and Jordan.
He was obviously upset when I told him I was a journalist.
My next interaction was a bit more friendly.
A shopkeeper read very slowly.
Then he made a pair.
Pick up my phone before repeating. \"Caaaboooclo?
\"He said it again and read it as a question this time.
\"You know the people in the NBA,\" I interjected. \"Scott Pippen? \" he replied. \"Oh, and Shaq.
\"I think, to be fair, maybe they play more basketball in the south of the country where 75% people live.
\"No, we are playing here,\" added the owner . \".
\"Our women\'s team in Recife was great.
\"Thumbs up, although obviously not the answer I want.
I read three papers. No Bruno.
Not good for Toronto
I am looking for a missing pet in the vast Recife and may have better luck.
The third person, a helper.
Desk staff at the airport, when I approached him about Caboclo, just gave me a Dikembe Mutombo finger. OK, fine.
Maybe TV.
In the days when there is no World Cup match
The radio will be hosted with Caboclo\'s mug. Nope! Nothing!
It\'s time to give up.
As far as Caboclo is concerned, when NBA President Adam Silver announces the 20 th anniversary of Caboclo, everyone here is as confused as he is.
I finally gave in and found some Americans who were interested in the round ball.
A man in Orlando said ironically: \"I put him in the second round.
He then asked me if I thought the Raptors would keep Kyle Lowry.
\"I don\'t know,\" I think.
\"I\'m just a football columnist and it looks silly to walk around with a cabok sign.
\"Is that what you said about his name?
Even if I nailed the poster to every signpost in the city, people still don\'t know what I\'m talking about.
Then something caught my attention.
I can see a teenager in a basketball jersey facing me.
\"This is my chance,\" I thought.
\"I found a child in this part of Brazil who seems to care about the sport.
However, as I approached him, I realized that his \"basketball jersey\" featured the national football team emblem of Brazil --and a No. 10, no less.
Therefore, Bruno\'s legend further developed in his own country and the Great White North.
Thursday, June 26, Recife, Brazil
I wish I could return to the love motel.
Well, the bed and breakfast I stayed in was not terrible.
Nice people, TV and fridge
But share a bathroom with Germany and the United States. S.
Fans don\'t fit me.
Call me Princess if you want.
I was called worse in the whole tournament.
The first time I drove to a place, I saw a man crouching down.
Now, go back to my B & B.
Like I said, it\'s not terrible here in Recife, but I usually like to find at least two exits in my building.
There is still a lot in the Macao Court, piñerus.
The problem is they\'re all locked up.
There\'s a prison for all the windows.
Like a bar.
It\'s a little upset if I need to go out.
On Thursday, however, this is the most worrying thing I have ever woken up.
It turned out that taxis were not very good under water, so they refused to pick anyone up from Pousada Pinheiros due to our odd location.
In fact, it may not be helpful for some people to relax themselves in the street.
\"Should I walk to find it?
\"I asked the lady at the front desk.
They strongly advised me to wait for the storm to pass. But with U. S. -
Three hours from Germany left me no choice.
Against their will, I embarked on a \"dangerous\" journey to find a taxi.
Let\'s call it the journey, which lasted about five minutes, and then I found a taxi stop around the corner and was more than willing to take my money.
Before we reach the Pernambuco arena, sailing on flooded streets is an adventure in itself, with plenty of Poncho
Sell men out. The first —
Bad negotiator.
Provide me protection for about $10.
I obviously threw him away and let his friend come in and bite.
It\'s good to drop the price to $5.
Profit margins could then still be large.
The strange thing is, I heard someone call my name.
Ted Schleisman, my college teammate, happened to show up.
Walking from the stadium-
Very important.
My shoes and socks couldn\'t hold up in the pouring rain.
They are still wet when I write this diary, which is the most uncomfortable part of the World Cup.
Now, I\'m starting to cover today\'s story, but I can\'t stop thinking about the long and humid journey home.
If the same person committed suicide outside pinherose
On Wednesday, June 25, maaus, Brazil
Oh, great, and now I wake up in the morning and am blowing the Fifa national anthem.
Today I\'m going to Recife, USA. S.
Germany will meet on Thursday.
But first of all, with a quick shave and a shower, I found the water on Amazon a bit muddy.
My Sink began to fill with little pebbles in black.
I drank water for a week. The good news?
At least this is my last day.
Now take a taxi to the airport, a soul
The adventure that makes you think.
Drive through this Amazon city and you will see the poor side
A man with half legs, children begging for cash, many of them are dirty.
They are not staring at me with any attack or anger, but with curiosity.
Their eyes seem to be asking, \"What is it like to be him?
\"For seven days, it seems that the locals here have resigned themselves to their fate and left me alone.
They felt helpless about their poverty, their sheds and their hot lives.
At this point though, I just hope that my reliable taxi driver will not bump into one on the street.
My taxi driver is trying to explain that we are going back.
Today, Honduras is racing against Switzerland at the Amazon Arena and all the streets are blocked and drivers want to avoid media checkpoints.
So, naturally, we started driving in what I call the \"fourth lane.
\"You know, Brazilian lane drivers make up when they are under three lanes.
At this point, the motorcyclists were enlarged by us on the sidewalk.
It should be 10 in 40 minutes-
We are only a few minutes\' drive from maaus International Airport.
\"You don\'t have these things in your carry-on luggage --on?
\"Ask the TAM worker who took my bag. \"No,\" I laugh.
Do people carrying pistols, poison and grenades usually have problems?
What is going on with these doors?
When I couldn\'t find my plane, I had the same problem in El Salvador.
In maaus, they will not put your destination or flight number on the monitor until a few minutes before you leave.
It makes you wonder if you are in the right place. Am I late?
Am I at the right terminal?
Is this date appropriate?
After all, maybe I won\'t go to Recife and hopefully you will see me in the game.
Tuesday, June 24, maaus, Brazil
It was over before Italy began.
\"Are you Italian?
A restaurant owner asked that it was no doubt a sign before the match on Tuesday afternoon.
Lost to Uruguay
I replied, before the man gave a thumbs up --up sign.
After watching AmericaS.
On Sunday night, the Amazon town had a new look at how Portugal played in the north.
The boss especially liked our women\'s team. he responded and kept a short conversation.
While eating my Amazon stew
Soup, rice, porridge, fish and eggs-
I am speaking English on the left.
\"Are you British?
\"I asked the guest an unpleasant question.
It turned out to be father-
The son is Welsh.
\"I\'m sorry,\" I replied.
I think it\'s like calling Canadians Americans.
Then, at this tournament, I was basically a dual citizen and never had this problem.
The conversation started when they told me they were from Cardiff.
\"You think (
Unanimously disgusted with the owners of Cardiff City)Vincent Tan? \" I laughed.
They smiled and held their heads in their hands.
\"He changed our color,\" the father said . \"
\"A blue ocean, he is the only one in red.
\"It\'s amazing that they know a lot about MLS.
We spoke to former Wales international Robert Earnshaw.
\"He has lost a step.
\"And Kenny Miller.
\"Finish and sprinkle the ash.
Finally, the Toronto FC Designated Player Jerman Defoe.
\"I think England should choose him,\" said the son . \"
Because he just scored.
Rooney has more or less failed in many World Cups.
Still, Wales obviously supported me and promised that I would see Gareth Bell for 2016 euros.
It turns out that the young people of the two even went to elementary school with the most expensive players in the world.
\"He was not that big at that time,\" the son said . \".
I\'ll race you. S.
I responded that Matt Besler was the center-back in the process of growing up.
Their answer is: the good side, America. S.
Don\'t be mistaken for Italy, I think.
Maraus, Brazil, on Monday, June 23-I was trapped.
That\'s who I am.
I\'m stuck in the rainforest.
A city in the rainforest-
After my flight was canceled
I had a big deal on Monday for 12 hours.
From Monday morning, I was unlucky. No flight. No hotel.
According to the notice I called, there was no vacancy.
A few hours later, I was really facing the street.
And huge bugs.
The moth here is the mammoth elephant.
They look like a film from Bell Griers.
Again, I\'m on Amazon.
I think they are.
Following the United States on Sunday nightS. -
Portugal game, one hit me when I reached out and plugged in my laptop.
Okay, it\'s not attacking me.
But it leads to the most terrible half.
The second one in my lifeEven scarier?
All the Honduras fans who have just stayed in my hotel.
They looked at me and I looked elsewhere.
Don\'t forget that they are an important reason why Canada has lost its chance to succeed here.
I was in Honduras when Canada was sunk. 1 qualifying.
Like most Canadian food fans, I have obviously not recovered.
Just like my stomach hasn\'t recovered last night.
Simple and clear: the pizza in Brazil is very poor.
While Brazilian steak will die for it, Brazil needs to rethink the way pie is made.
Instead of tomato sauce, Brazilians apply different sauces to the top of the pizza.
It\'s called catupiry, a very soft cheese that looks like mayonnaise.
It also tastes like Mayo in my opinion.
But it\'s probably just my idea.
After the game, I didn\'t have a trick in my mind on my way home from the Amazon Arena.
You never know what you will get in an Amazon taxi.
The drivers here will tell you that they know where they are going and then stop on their way home to ask every taxi driver.
However, I prefer this to my last taxi experience.
Do you think it\'s distracting to call and drive?
How about watching TV?
That\'s right, my taxi driver in the jungle took out his phone, typed it on YouTube and put it on his dashboard.
I reached out to get my seat belt, hoping to avoid a crash.
Sunday, June 22, maaus, Brazil
Portuguese fans know how to get together.
Well, at least those people in the United States on Sunday night. S. -Portugal match. How do I know?
Try a Brazilian steakhouse with 150 Ronaldo. lovers.
The first is singing.
Pick the table.
Then drink.
Oh, did you drink.
I watched two games.
The old man drank two bottles of red wine, a bucket of beer and two glasses of wine. Then the U. S. fans arrived.
The Portuguese behind me stood in the chair and shouted in unison. Por-tu-gal. Port-tu-gal. Por-tugal.
This is not a bar either.
It\'s quite expensive.
Very strange, but everything here is very strange.
I don\'t know at all, the mess will turn pale compared to the mess I face on Sunday morning.
This should be my last full day at Amazon.
So, like other good travelers, I checked my trip online. Wait, what? !
When did my flight plan change! ? Two days ago! ! ! ? ? ?
Obviously at maaus they will change your flight and don\'t tell you and then tell you should have left two days ago.
I\'m still here.
Don\'t worry, I think, our travel agency will definitely solve this problem. \"Sorry, sir.
\"No flight left maaus within two days,\" she said . \". OK. That’s cool.
\"Just contact me through different cities,\" I replied . \".
\"I have an Italian --
Uruguay is racing.
\"No, sir, you don\'t understand,\" she began.
\"There are no flights in maaus.
She replied.
I have a lot of ideas in my head.
Should I join the Amazon tribe?
Will the hotel I stayed in make me stay for another night?
Wait, what kind of city doesn\'t have anything available in 48 hours? !
So far, things have gone too well.
While there are worse things than being stuck in a World Cup city, the logistics of getting out of the rainforest is harder than initially thought.
So, after 30 minutes on the phone, the Natal part of the trip was completely scratched. See you at U. S. -
Germany is in Recife as long as everything goes well.
Saturday, June 21, maaus, Brazil
Day ten, the day before the United StatesS.
Meet Portugal in the jungle.
I have to hand it over to the Portuguese fans, and their unwavering confidence in a mediocre team is very special.
They won\'t even attack their players.
\"There\'s no comment,\" said a Portuguese fan who had breakfast at my hotel when I asked him about Pepe.
Back at the Amazon Arena, this was my first return a few days ago after Croatia set foot in Cameroon.
The weather is too hot today.
30 degrees, but it feels more like 35 degrees.
No wonder they play all the games by taxi at night and it was a great trip considering we avoided two accidents.
In Brazil, the normal day is twice the number of close-up calls.
Another thing: What\'s the matter with Brazilian parents letting their children go out and sell water at every traffic light?
Many children under the age of 10 are out of the vehicle at the green light.
\"Hey, wait a minute. why is it twice as long as the last time you took a taxi this time? \" I ask myself.
Unsurpringly, as expected, my driver seemed to have taken a scenic route.
Also known as \"I\"going-to-squeeze-your-wallet-for-all-you-have route.
But this is Brazil.
This is South America.
This is meaningless.
Like security at Amazon Arena.
I approach them first before starting the metal detectors.
Security response? \"Who cares?
\"It\'s how I feel.
Then they scan my press badge. \"Declined.
\"Oh, well, it must be a fault.
\"They let me go.
I must have looked good.
It may not be a good idea to have volunteers as media security personnel.
Why has the Portuguese media been calling Figo the best player in the world in 2002?
I seem to remember that year when fat Ronaldo beat Germany in the final.
But hey, this is the World Cup, there is no fair media.
Like last week in El Salvador, Dutch media may also be wearing orange. Next, the U. S.
Press conference.
Finally, the real question is: What impact will this tropical heat have on the United States? S.
Kyle Beckman\'s braids?
\"I can\'t imagine it\'s going to be a factor . \"S.
Goalkeeper Tim Howard responded.
Like a Portuguese fan of the hotel this morningS.
Midfielder Jones declined to comment.
Relax, I think.
This reminds me: I hope there will be no reason for the Portuguese fans returning to my hotel to get together. Come on, U. S.
Friday, June 20, maaus, Brazil
It was morning on the 9 th.
Don\'t put your windows on Amazon.
I have mosquitoes on my sheets.
My hands and back were bitten in a mess.
I have 10 hands together.
An American on the road said I was fine.
\"You \'ve been taking malaria medicine, have you? \"Malaria pills? \" I respond.
\"The Brazilian consulate told me there was no need for this.
\"I started to feel sick at this point, though.
Hopefully this is just the street meat I decided stupidly to try the night before. An off-
The day at Amazon means it\'s time for a boat trip.
In maaus, authentic Amazon culture is on fire with the World Cup every day. The second one
The longest river in the world is at the fingertips of fans, and supporters gather to begin a boat tour similar to National Geographic.
This summer, only the black people in Rio are a little different from those on and off Amazon. Recently-
The tablet screen installed on the cruise ship provides fans in-between stops.
I will do it naturally. and sit side-by-
There are a large number of fans from the United States, France and Brazil participating in the competition.
Thank God for those (Mexican fans)
\"Not joining us,\" the United StatesS.
Van said, as a green
A ship is on our starboard side.
\"It\'s not surprising that their short trip,\" his friend replied . \".
So I guess this is the case with this trip.
So it begins, The Adventure of the Amazon River, leaving a lot of unanswered questions that require a lot of blame, starting with our first stop: an indigenous tribe apparently artificially designed.
When our ship arrived, director Tuchaua
Name of Brazilian soft drink-led a nearly-
In the traditional jive nude group.
\"It\'s not a zoo,\" a nasty French fan told me when he returned to the ship.
I replied, the biggest bird in the world.
The catcher is over there.
The Amazon Arena built using these waterways is only a few kilometers away from all this nonsense.
It will hold only four games, and the next one will feature the United States. S.
Against Portugal here on Sunday.
Our guide, Marcio, agreed.
Like fake Tuchaua chiefs, none of this makes sense.
A stadium in the jungle, surrounded by Amazon actors, hovers above the poverty line.
\"The Brazilian government is out of pocket,\" Marcio said . \".
It\'s like we\'re stuck in.
\"This is good for tourism,\" he said . \"
But after the World Cup?
He did not answer.
On Thursday, June 19, maraus, Brazil-booking an Amazon adventure is an adventure in itself.
Welcome to the eighth day, which is the rest day of the Amazon arena, I was told that it was built with materials shipped inland through one of the world\'s largest rivers.
I have a story idea: a feature.
How did the stadium come from?
How does it affect this isolated town?
What will it look like when the World Cup is over?
What better way to learn how to build it than to take a speedboat along the river?
The Rio Negro connected to Amazon is a kilometer from my hotel.
In order to book a trip, you just have to walk to the shore, which is also a farmer\'s market full of people from all walks of life.
When I got there, a group of amateur \"guides\" talked to me and they all wanted to take me for a ride on their boat.
They showed me pictures of snakes, monkeys, porpoise, etc.
\"Are you crazy ? \" I always said to myself with a smile.
\"Do you want me to go with you, a complete stranger, by boat alone along one of the world\'s most unpredictable rivers?
\"I have seen the film before.
This is the so-called Python.
No way, Bento, I will take a less authentic, more popular luxury boat at 8: 00 on Friday morning. m.
So, before the start of today\'s Olympic Games, it\'s time to enjoy the farmer\'s market.
Unfortunately, my 6-foot-
1 Tourism Framework-
Not to mention the laptop I carry with me.
For local merchants, both legal and illegal, they are attractive.
I was approached by a well-dressed man. looking dude —
Yes, he\'s still wearing a Brazilian shirt.
He reached out to show a gold chain.
It was obviously stolen. I declined politely.
Like any second. hand merchant (thief? )
He refused to accept the answer.
He followed me on the road, approached me again and reached out.
After traveling around the world, I \'ve seen this trick before: Hey, tourist, look at this shiny thing when my friend comes over from the back and steals your bag.
Before telling that person to get lost, I put my laptop around my neck.
I check to make sure my wallet and iPhone are still there.
Back to the hotel.
Did you watch three games on TV?
Not as easy as you think (Not complaining).
My face is numb.
Not good for a few beers.
Dinner is always a fun occasion.
I rarely know what I got.
For example, the meal for the three people I just ordered.
No wonder the waiter made a funny face.
This is a soup, placed in a slot with floating eggs and fish.
Although delicious, it was enough for the final dinner.
Speaking of the last dinner, it is hoped that this trip to Amazon Friday will be safer than it looks.
On Wednesday, June 18, maaus, Brazil
The flight last night was very interesting.
In North America, you can\'t say that there are bombs on the plane without attention.
You can\'t drink beer in Brazil.
Drink anywhere in the country.
You can buy wine at the children around the corner.
But try to bring a bottle of beer on the plane and you will be packed with flight attendants. \"Cerveza?
A male flight attendant pointed at me.
\"Yes,\" I answered calmly.
The Brazilian sitting next to me laughed. \"No!
\"The flight attendant said, took the beer out of my hand.
This reminds me of Song Fei\'s Nazi soup.
We arrived at maaus a few hours later.
Take off an hour from my previous place in El Salvador.
My maaus hotel has a real mattress which is a big upgrade than my El Salvador love motel.
Shampoo is free too!
Can\'t wait to use it in the morning.
At dawn, I was curious: what does the rainforest feel like?
After breaking the window, it doesn\'t take a long time to feel the humidity and smell the humidity in the air.
The weather is very hot but not so hot.
I went to Cuba and Honduras with Canada for the World Cup qualifiers.
Both trips are even more terrible.
Soon after that, I experienced another place in the world known for heavy rain.
I entered the news section of the Amazon arena in time.
The sky in front of Croatia is openCameroon tilt.
This makes me curious: who exactly built a stadium in the rainforest?
The venue is beautiful.
The part that built it arrived by river boat.
But I think what a strange decision it is.
At least in this stadium, they have a decent pre-match. match buffet.
Food at Arena Fonte Nova left too much of a shortage last week.
Even better, I was told by the cashier that you could only eat these. Eat up!
But when I went back for a few seconds, I was told this was not the case.
The administrator of the Buffet said, \"you have finished eating . \".
I think communication is poor.
Like last night\'s beer fiasco on my flight.
It\'s like Nazi soup is everywhere in my life. No beer for you! No second-
Help you! What’s next?
I don\'t have a room in the hotel?
Fortunately, I suspect this will be the case.
This is not a love motel, El Salvador, Brazil, June 17
On the sixth day, my last day in this coastal town.
When most people read this, I will be ready to accept it in Croatia on Amazon --
Cameroon within the Amazon arena of maaus.
Shit, I forgot my insect repellent.
As I said earlier, the Brazilian consulate assured me that I do not need to be vaccinated against swine fever.
Oh, just as I was typing, there was a news on TV: \"St. Paul reported 96,000 cases of dengue virus.
\"I assure you that Brazil is not the place for people with hypocrites.
Now, start a new day.
I want to know which story the boys sitting on the table this morning used in front of the sports festival.
Is Ronaldo in Portugal?
Should have had a good time.
Of course, the message from a Portuguese fan is: \"You are a racist. \"\"Against who?
I thought loudly. \"Olive-
Western European skin? \"Sheesh. Relax, people.
Pass the time before I\'m four.
An hour flight of nothingness
But first of all, take a taxi to the airport with my driver, Luciano, who looks 17 years old.
It happens that there is a complex app on Luciano\'s phone that can translate Portuguese into English and play it over the radio.
It\'s good, but given that traffic in Brazil is dangerous, it\'s a bit nerve that Luciano prefers to talk to his mobile phone rather than manage the road --racking.
His translation is also a little uncomfortable.
I told him I was going to maaus.
\"There are very hot min fish there,\" he replied through a mobile phone translator . \".
\"The teams in Orlando and Germany are very strong,\" he said . \"\"Orlando? \" I respond. He agrees. OK, then.
A few minutes later, an ambulance climbed in.
In the case of traffic jams, the drivers of EMS will only drive their own lanes.
People riding motorcycles can take advantage of the space as if they were attending a highway funeral.
An hour after we left, we finally arrived at El Salvador International Airport.
Waiter, can I have a beer?
Oh, yes, Brazil is playing.
Customers don\'t have time when passengers, flight attendants and airport staff surround themselves on the big screen.
At the World Cup, there were fears that flights would not take off on time.
No wonder all the staff of the airline stop for the game.
See you in the jungle. . . Maybe.
El Salvador, Brazil, Monday, June 16
What is this, the fifth day of the World Cup?
Anyway, I\'m going to see Portugal.
Germany is at Fangte Nova Arena.
What kind of game is this, right?
It should be a playboy!
The road to the stadium today is quite lively.
All of a sudden, two children and an adult flew past a walking bridge above me.
They seem to have stolen something.
Looks like they\'re in trouble too, because this man is 40.
The legs move very well.
The fate of the children was unknown as the three men disappeared from the slums on the highway.
What do they do to thieves in Brazil? Oh, well.
Can\'t see, can\'t see.
It turns out that locals have decided to make a little extra money from the influx of walking traffic.
On the streets near the stadium, vendors lined up in hopes of selling World Cup water and beer.
I feel bad about two rejections. dozen offers.
Some of them are desperate.
No matter the quantity, I am eager to make some coins.
Finally arrived at the stadium.
Don\'t the Germans believe the lines?
Their lack of awareness of queuing is amazing.
I mean, I\'m the next person in the queue, and suddenly a man rushes into the queue with some kind of unnecessary anger.
Maybe the fact that his boys knocked off Portuguese pants will let him relax after the game. game.
\"I\'m sorry,\" said someone behind me.
A Portuguese journalist asked him if he could let me talk about the game we just witnessed in front of the camera.
Are you American or Canadian? \" he asks.
I replied, \"I am an American disguised as a Canadian . \"
He looked back in confusion.
Then ask me what I think of Ronaldo.
When I criticized Ronaldo for not being able to track and defend, the Portuguese journalist looked confused. Then mad.
His eyes said, \"What the hell are you talking about?
\"One thing I learned in an interview with Portugal is that you don\'t criticize Ronaldo.
After God and Jesus, he was the third conductor.
It was my last night in El Salvador until the second round.
I\'m going to Amazon on Tuesday night.
It\'s time to leave this love motel and I will stay there twice in the whole tournament.
El Salvador, Brazil, Sunday, June 15-
The streets of Salvador, Brazil are rugged.
In the evening, I often look on my shoulders.
When I passed by a suspicious group of young peopleLocals-
It\'s almost everyone when you\'re paranoid
I put my phone away.
I\'m looking at another way.
I was told to be afraid of them.
But no one told me to be afraid of wild animals.
To end my first week off the coast of Brazil, I was attacked.
I was attacked by a black cat.
Okay, I\'m not under attack.
\"When I wrote this, I was more like a drama queen than Fred.
But I must have been chased.
A critical strike.
Sounds stupid, right?
Well, you don\'t see the cat. it looks like an animal in the walking dead.
It was thin and seemed to have leprosy and had at least 50 metres behind me.
Let this be a lesson: Fear the cats of El Salvador, not the human race.
Unless they are German.
There\'s nothing to Germany, but do you believe in the lines?
Seriously, line up for God\'s sake!
Yes, I know you\'re happy to see your team play Portugal on Monday afternoon, but you don\'t have to be rude.
Journalists from European powers seem completely oblivious to any form of order.
I mean, it\'s one thing if you\'re keen to order Bavarian beer, but is it really necessary to bully other media to the press conference?
When it comes to being bullied, be careful when you go back to the same restaurant twice.
I used the word loose restaurant.
It\'s more like a garage with a table.
While the food was better for the second time, I don\'t think that would mean a 20% increase in prices.
I think they\'re using a foreigner.
Guess who didn\'t get a tip this time?
That\'s it now.
Back to my love motel in Brazil
I left El Salvador for the jungle on Tuesday night.
El Salvador, Brazil on Saturday, June 14Good morning.
Today is the third day of the World Cup.
Where did the headache come from?
Is it the water I\'m drinking? Yellow Fever?
The Brazilian consulate in Toronto told me that I don\'t need to get vaccinated.
Oh, that\'s right.
Must be all the smokers in the Spanish Arena Fonte Nova on Friday night.
Competition in the Netherlands
Three cups of coffee and one Apple can\'t be solved.
Germany and Portugal will train at the stadium on Sunday afternoon.
The stadium still smells of beer, and there is no doubt that after being completely defeated by the Dutch, the residual emotions of the Spanish fans overwhelmed their grief.
Oh, there are cigarette butts everywhere in the stadium, which reminds me where this split headache came from.
Fortunately, two officials from FIFA have led me to take several Tylenol capsules.
One of them is Nadine, who speaks English fluently.
This is the third person in Brazil to talk to me in six days.
Nadine lived in Toronto a few years ago.
Now 22-year-old Nadine sits down and talks about the big smoke, and Brazilian goalkeeper Julio Cesar has played here in the past few months --
What Nadine told me was not very good.
He agreed to play here because of his low salary.
Then she told me about a more memorable experience she had with the big white bear: the Toronto Bluebird game.
\"I fell asleep,\" she said . \"
Nadine says she\'s used to the party scene of Brazilian football.
Some Japanese are not close to imitation.
However, in honor of the experience, she did buy a Jays hat. \"Her and a co-
The volunteers then confirmed my early experience in El Salvador.
It turns out that, as I mentioned yesterday, the Brazilian apartment I stayed in was a \"motel \"--
Don\'t be mistaken for \"Hotel \".
It was a motel.
In my case, Hotel sempree-
In Brazil, it is used for sexual intercourse. there are not many others.
So this explains.
Head shower and strange sound at night.
When I showed them some pictures of the place, they started to Snickers.
\"Make sure you have headphones,\" says Nadine\'s colleague. worker says.
I came back with a smile. aware.
Back to the hotel now. More noises.
Let\'s do it again.
Is it time to fly to maaus?
El Salvador, Brazil, Friday, June 13
My fourth day in Brazil.
Start the second game with the right South American breakfast-
Coffee, fruit and bread.
Alas, the staff of the love motel in this seaside city, sempree Hotel, found me a liar.
No, I\'m not with my girlfriend, wife or Lady (
Sinead, I promise).
As a result, the hotel delivery team reduced my meal by half.
Obviously, if your other half is with you, they only serve you two meals.
When it comes to other important people, there are many people in this love cabin.
I hear it every night.
To make matters worse, this week is Brazil\'s Valentine\'s Day week, which has definitely upgraded things to a higher level.
But I left the question, although I was hungry when I wrote this article.
Next . . . . . . Canadian experts like to punish Football Association of Canada for not being able to train talent.
Because, you know, this association is Canada\'s only purpose that has been appro
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