la mer brings luxury touch to the makeup counter

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-15
The ordinary old foundation will never be cut again.
This is also the idea of La Mer in October.
The brand will bring its main products to market for the first time. The 50-year-
The old company\'s signboard Creme de la Mer is getting the product corresponding to the pigment in the form of a foundation, which is introduced in 18 shades for the start-up of the masking cream and the super
All of this contains the brand\'s patented miracle broth, which is reported to provide the same skin
Care benefits for major collections.
La Mer is developing a beautiful area that is booming.
This focus is on cosmetics containing skin. care benefits —
Or skin care with pigment, depending on the brand you ask
Martin oakner, general manager of the SHM company Navigator, said this will only improve, and the SHM company Navigator is a consulting company that works with many fashion and beauty companies.
He predicted it would soon become a billion-
Dollar sub-category of skin care (
Or color category-
Again, it depends on who you ask).
People have been talking about the impact of hybrid cars for years, but its penetration into the market has begun to grow faster than ever before.
In 2015, the NPD Group said its products, defined as CC cream and primer, drove $0. 49 billion in retail sales, up 58% in two years.
However, Okner believes that the definition of the industry should be broader.
\"In these figures, there are some cosmetics and sunscreen products that are not caught and they have the benefit of skin care.
In fact, I estimate it will be a little higher, and sales may grow to $0. 8 billion by next year, depending on the growth trajectory.
Three consecutive victories in industrial development-
Ons can be attributed to this: anti-aging products no longer resonate with consumers as before, and women from millennials to baby boomers are looking for a single product, instead of multi-step daily life to save time, consumer expectations have also increased.
The traditional foundation has no benefit other than coverage, which is less desirable than saying something that can help plump the skin or reduce wrinkles.
The hybrid is the successor to the alphabet Frost phenomenon, which will eventually replace the traditional foundation and alternative skin care.
This category is hotter than ever, and if anyone knows this, it\'s cosmetics, which L\'Oreal bought this summer for $1. 2 billion.
The hero product of the company is your skin, but even better, it is a full cover CC cream formula, not only SPF 50, it can also be used as an antioxidant, collagen, peptide and hyaluronic acid.
La Mer is definitely not the first prestige or luxury brand to enter the space.
Last year, La Prairie added color to the caviar collection, and Sisley introduced sislea Le Teint
The aging Foundation earlier this month, which contains the benefits of its most effective anti-aging sislea L\'Integral cream.
Lancome, Amore Pacific, Guerlain and many other companies offer similar cosmetics with therapeutic properties, but they all have them. Inc. -
State-owned companies may have been the biggest voice in recent times.
From product development to marketing, La Mer has invested a lot in its new Skincolor de la Mer series, and now, after the launch of the product, a financial person said, retail sales of the series could reach $50 million in the first year.
While Sandra Main, president of La Mer\'s global brand, declined to disclose data, she said the goal was to increase the proportion of the business to nearly 10%.
The series will be sold in all doors sold in La Mer or in 1,700 doors in 70 countries. You do math.
It is said that more than one billion of La Mer --
The 2015 dollar mark will soon receive more than $100 million in sales from its market.
Earlier this week, in an interview with La Mer headquarters in SoHo, New York, Main and Loretta Miraglia, senior vice president, global product development and innovation, La Mer, the two agreed on one thing: the authority of the company is still the skin --
But hybrid is the future.
\"Consumers are so complicated that they do expect multiple benefits in a product.
\"It\'s no longer \'This product will do one thing\'-it has to serve you in a number of ways before it\'s worth it,\" said Main . \" While the company plans to aggressively promote the range, it will never replace skincare products.
For her, this is a way to attract new consumers: whether it\'s people who like makeup rather than skin care, someone who can now buy the brand with $110 foundation instead of $300 or more cream --or both.
This is also a way to serve the existing loyal consumer groups of La Mer.
This is not the brand\'s first attempt at makeup, though.
A range was launched in 2001 with extremely limited distribution
It\'s only available at 23 outlets in La Mer-
There is no marketing power behind it.
According to Main and Miraglia, it disappeared into the background a few years later.
Additional efforts were also made in 2009 and, despite the small size, in 2011 the perfect skin tone was added to La Mer\'s permanent collection.
Miraglia believes the rise of BB cream allows for a blend of skin
A nursing campaign takes place.
\"This is one of the things that is not right yet.
From the point of view of adoption, people are so interested in skin care that they don\'t understand what a hybrid is, but then BB cream went on sale in 2009 . . . . . . All of a sudden, people are starting to realize that makeup can do wonders for your skin, \"says Miraglia.
She explained that the soft fluid long wear foundation works like a skin
Even if someone takes it off at night, it will still make their skin better.
The more you use, the better the result you see.
The main plug-in is that the surge in digital and social media has also seriously affected consumer adoption of cross-cutting products --
Start with a blog on YouTube and educate their subscribers about Alphabet cream.
This time, makupline is introduced almost at the same time as Moisturizing Soft lotion, which is a supplement to pigment.
The Soft Fluid Long Wear foundation retails for $110 in 18 shades;
Priced at $75, this conceonce cream comes in four colors, translucent powder and glowing finish and retails at $95.
Two brushes, one for the Foundation, one for the foundation, also for the price of $70 and $80 respectively as part of the release and retail.
The packaging reflects the existing brand of La Mer, adding a rose gold accent.
Some even think that one day hybrid cars will work together to eliminate the need for the regular foundation, including the PhD.
Macrene Alexiades New York
She has been working on her 37 active ingredient series for many years until there are dermatologists and scientists with 37 active ingredients (
It has been enhanced since then and she has raised it to 50).
She said it madeup, high-
\"Hybrid\" will completely eliminate the old basis of the routine.
Last year, she launched a 37 high-performance resist
Foundation of aging treatment
Her original 37-active, high-performance anti-pigment versionAging cream.
Despite the addition of a variety of antioxidants, peptides and resveratrol, she insisted that the $165 product was \"full\"
Free luxury Foundation and cover conce cream. \"Dr.
Whitney Bowie in New York
Headquartered in celebrity dermatologist with similar views to AlexiadesArmenakas.
\"At some point, other simple foundations will be phased out,\" Bowie said . \".
\"One day people will expect the Foundation to provide more than just coverage.
They\'re looking for skin.
Beneficial ingredients.
In addition to SPF, she calls it \"the beast itself \".
Bowe explained that mixing products can do a lot of things, but it will take a while before crossing will allow people to eliminate SPF steps from their daily lives.
For Lily Garfield, founder and chief marketing officer of Cos Bar, hybrid cars are best suited to more mature consumers.
Although the focus in beauty is on catering to millennials, these products --
Formulated with a series of active ingredients-
This is more suitable for baby boomers, she said.
\"Forget the price, 25-year-
Old don\'t need it.
Because of the ingredients inside, part of the ingredients will be placed on her skin because her pores are too tight. It\'s [the product]
Not going anywhere;
\"It\'s just that it looks heavy on her skin,\" Garfield said . \".
She believes in any skin with prestige.
There must be a foundation for nursing brands today.
\"This is the last step of treatment because you get the last step, which will bring all the benefits to the brand, and at the same time, Garfield said:\" give the skin a very soft brightness and a young look. \".
\"This is what top foundations need to do.
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