L 'oreal was fined 200000? Cosmetics factory processing plants to tell you why

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-17
Cosmetics factory factory will tell you why l 'oreal was fined 200000, eight days new skin, this is unlikely, we bonded the growth cycle of 28 days, 8 days too exaggerated. Now more and more to protect skin brand to cater to the market, make quick work of product.

 “ French biotherm 8 days, skin like the new yan, play, the more bright from HuoYuan is pithy YanLi, miracle muscle bottom water essence dew, regardless of age, regardless of the state of skin, 8 days is lustrous skin, star talent choose 8 days, all witness the miracle of love, skin problem altogether 68800 people have been witnessing the miracle water bring skin newborn & hellip; … ”
here are a few important points:
1. False advertising is how to determine?
the Supreme People's Court on the trial of civil cases of unfair competition 'the explanation of application of law in the first paragraph of article 8 of species can be identified as listed & other; Misleading false propaganda behavior throughout the &; Situation: one is for goods for one-sided propaganda or contrast; 2 will be considered in the scientific point of view, the phenomenon such as uncertain facts for advertising products; Three is the ambiguity language or other forms which are misleading advertising products. At the same time also stipulates: the people's court shall, according to the daily life experience to close the public general attention, misunderstanding of the facts and factors such as the actual situation of the object being propaganda, false propaganda behavior cognizance of misleading. Eight days identified as miracle will cause consumers misunderstanding, so decide for false advertising.
2。 200000 count heavy punishment?
according to the advertisement law of the People's Republic of China in violation of the provisions of article 55 of the false advertising, advertising, issued by the administrative department for industry and commerce shall be ordered to stop the order advertisers to eliminate the influence in the corresponding scope, in advertising costs three times more than five times the fine, advertising costs cannot be computed or obviously low, be fined two hundred thousand yuan and one million yuan; Thus, the sentence is not heavy.

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