kendall jenner\'s skin care guru shares simple rules for combating acne

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-11
Earlier this year, Kendall Jenner was attacked on social media for winning 2018 Golden Globes for acne.
But shortly thereafter, 22-year-
The old supermodel wrote on Twitter, \"never let that s---stop you!
According to Kristie Kidd, her skin care specialist, Jenner is working every day to keep a clear skin tone.
\"Sometimes her skin doesn\'t look very good, but she\'s still young,\" registered physician assistant KDD told \"Good Morning America, adding that Jenner follows strict procedures.
\"She\'s a real girl.
I like it. She just owns it.
She said, I don\'t like it anyway ,[but]
What are you going to do?
\"Here are three simple techniques to combat acne,\" Kidd said.
Jenna has been using clean wash face, acne pad and updated serum as instructed for years-
They were all developed by Kidd.
But, as Kidd explains, no two people are the same in terms of skin.
\"I might tell Kendall, \'I want you to wash your face three times a day,\' because she\'s a model and makes up all day,\" Kidd said . \".
\"Although a normal working girl like you and me, I will say that I will do it sooner or later.
When Jenner came in
She\'s doing office care most of the time. care at home --
\"It\'s exactly her routine,\" Kidd said . \".
Jen said that because Jenner is very persistent in skin care, she often sees results.
But when we were exhausted after a whole day in the office, Kidd stressed, don\'t--
She repeated. -
Don\'t be lazy, sleep while making up.
\"You have to understand that you can\'t sleep if your face is dirty,\" she pointed out . \" This could lead to more emergencies, she added.
\"No deception ---
Don\'t wear makeup and think you\'re doing a good job.
Kidd went on to say, \"the girls will come in all the time and say, \'I want to look like Kendall.
I can give you the tool, but you won\'t make any progress if you don\'t follow it.
Extreme exfoliating scrubs, cleaning cloth and sponges can hurt the skin.
But wash your face (but gently)
Use clean hands to avoid aggravating skin and blemishes.
Makeup brushes and sponges can carry bacteria, which doesn\'t help when your skin is prone to acne.
KDD recommends flushing these tools after each use.
Not changing the pillowcase may be similar to not removing makeup at night.
If you have a product on your hair while you sleep, you may also sleep in it ---
Let your skin suffer more damage.
People with acne should use clean pillowcases every night, or sleep on the \"a side\" tonight, as Kidd suggested, and sleep on the \"B side\" tomorrow \".
Of all her beauty, even Jenner has her moments.
But the young star never gave her the best.
After being attacked for pimples at the Golden Globes, fans praised Jenner for surpassing negative emotions.
Even the older sister Khloe Kardashian defended her.
\"She looks the best!
Kardashian wrote on Instagram.
\"She always looks epic, but it\'s crazy.
Janna\'s skin could become clear and magical in a year and a half, but \"all hell is gone,\" Kidd said . \".
\"Nevertheless, a minor flaw will not prevent her from attending a red carpet event or a girl\'s night, nor will she do so if you do so.
\"I\'m always proud of Kendall because it makes a lot of girls feel empowered,\" Kidd said . \".
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