Kate eye shadow which color number? Kate eye makeup on br2 and br3

by:Beauty Spirit     2021-01-20
Kate eye shadow has always been one of the representative brand of makeup makeup products, a lot of people should be more understanding. Eye shadow and Kate is one of the most famous backbone series, so, Kate backbone eye shadow series which color look good? Makeup effect how? Eye shadow Kate color number of the following is Kate backbone all series color number: Kate eye shadow makeup on br2 and br3 br2 this plate of the second case of pale orange gold when I was in touch the feeling of deja vu. Then see other bloggers to write blog posts just did like luansol mountain cuckoo of monochromatic. Eye color is slightly some gold polarized dark chocolate, is strong enough to give a thumbs up! The light I particularly like. I this feeling is very have Korean makeup feeling ~ upper and lower eyelids to fill a second color with eyeliner salad long eye end ~ big eye effect, no problem! Recommend this dish like Korean cat's eye makeup effect buy girl ~ can definitely draw the effect you want. Br3 I think is a dish of personality is distinct, this series can be gentle wild ~ color reminds me of Burgundy. Try color feeling is slightly more intense violet tone of brown, in my eyes with again after the second render large daub color look line dizzy catch. Just presents a fan receive rose pink color to the color is very easy to appear charming and gentle people even a hint of light are take some flour. This dish recommended to those who want to try this series water ~ about jing at once. Kate to use eye shadow technique 1, when using step 1, A finger or coarse head brush A, gently smear on the eyelid. Taking B, with a head brush and superposition daub is in the eye socket, About 5 mm from the eye end to spill) 。 Take C 3, with fine brush head, eyes, and the like outline daub ( About 5 mm from the eye end to spill) 。 4, will be A shading in the lower eyelid, gently rub C in about A third since the eye end to the ( About 5 mm from the eye end to spill) 。 5, with coarse head eye shadow take D bar, the illusion of orbital place daub, can make the whole eyes reveal stereo feeling, highlight the depth contour. TIPS: deepen the outline of skills, in the sag of parts of the upper eyelid, gently daub D building shadow, shape the deep eye contour, make eyes look bigger, at the bottom of the bag of tears, The place of lower eyelid produce shadow) Finely daub D and can stretch eyes longitudinal distance.
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