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It is illegal to cosmetics OEM copy edition?

It is illegal to cosmetics OEM copy edition?


                                                                                   There appears to be fake cosmetics cosmetics processing industry, processing is allowed, you're wrong! You might argue, many cosmetics contract will do copy version, and propaganda says can copy to more than 95% of similar. Note that here there are a few pitfalls, copy edition isn't your I think directly modeled on the illegal action of a certain brand.

1。 Copy copy edition is formula, not the outer packing. Modeled on the outer packing it is illegal to pretend to be the real thing, most of the blame are made of the outer packing just like the real thing, malicious deceive consumers, it's fake.
2。 Generic imitation effect, is legal. This kind of copy version of the client is in effect, there are many treat this kind of customer research and development strength of cosmetics contract can be said with confidence, to better products to customers, no copy edition. Such as cosmetics factory factory is that the same product cosmetics factory can come up with better products and effect, if only pay attention to the effect, then why still need to copy version? , of course, this effect is also will give customers satisfied with the trial. Cosmetics factory is always not afraid to question.

cosmetics factory owner engineer
why not copy version?
1。 The principle of simple copy edition. Trying to imitate each other's skin feeling, appearance, flavor types, in order to achieve & other; The setup & throughout; The point. Sound very profound, actually isn't difficult at all, cream, cream kinds of imitation is commonly, appearance and scent how to imitate his appearance? Will first from the product of the whole composition analysis, the first is to see it used emulsifier belongs to the type, the second is he choose what some grease is. Oil determines the appearance of the product and the skin feeling, emulsifier is determine the cream hardness of products, of course, the choice of grease is the more critical step, so to test, test of the paste, solid content to determine the formula of both oil and emulsifier used in total. Experienced engineer is directly to see the appearance, you can know about what is expected, what kind of things can make such effect directly, every engineer is the experiment, they do the experiment, is more than we eat rice. As for those what the effect of the those as long as you are to choose a good raw material company, basically the effect can be reached. Just a question of dosage and cost control.

2。 Development time is long, the effect is not stable. Last copy edition key point, some say why I am, according to a formula to him why I was not his good? This is a more inline toiletries, the choice of raw materials. Did DIY know AES this raw material, AES in the raw materials on the market for three companies supply, price is a few dollars, but is this a few dollars, can make the product formula finally thickening step use salt, but why the same formula, some people do after shampoo shampoo will itch, not after some shampoo? This is AES reaction intermediates residue is different, they are up to the national standard, but is the residue is different, the effect is also different. This is why some people are on the market, according to the book of niuer, or others to do the effects are not the same as a result, the choice of material, but raw material manufacturers, effect is also different.

3。 Had a good formula and the effect, be sure to waste so much time to copy edition, the last version of the effect was not stable after a period of time, for a brand party is not mature.cosmetics factory many mature products

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