is that lipstick eco-friendly?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-04
Many skin care and cosmetics companies in India are now taking the environmental route.
The friendly way is not just verbalservice. Do earth-
Unfriendly chemicals lurk in your face powder box, will your bath soap endanger the Forest of the Earth? Your mouth is safe for you and for the Earth. Go to the store to buy cosmetics and skincare products.
The company is also using recycled packaging and plant ingredients to create itself as a \"green\" company to reduce the addition of chemicals, or send sales revenue from some of its products to green programs around the world.
A company that insists on environmental protection is lush.
Their products are made of natural ingredients, using carefully mixed plant, floral absolute ingredients and fine essential oils, and they do not do any animal testing either.
Sangeeta Kamath, a spokesperson for India\'s lush fresh handmade cosmetics, said, \"We have been working around the green initiative.
We have a lot of \"bare items\" and we mean that they are not packed or packed and not packed in boxes.
We are saving on paper, plastic and other packaging materials.
Kamath said: \"These products are packaged in recycled newspaper packaging and handed over to customers at the time of purchase.
The company will go further as Christmas approaches.
They will be wrapped in Japanese gifts called Furoshiki.
\"We will wrap our gifts with scarves.
\"These scarves are made of recycled plastic and look exactly the same as the fabric,\" she explained . \".
It is estimated that 50,000 trees will be cut down each year to make Christmas wrapping paper;
Packing gifts with fabric means that the packaging can be reused or saved.
Kamath added, \"We believe that what we eat should be used on the body.
Our jars and bottles are recycled.
We have never used any raw material to pack anything.
Our preparation is ecological. friendly too.
We buy as many organic ingredients as possible and follow the fair trade policy.
Skin care and cosmetics in India have also become very eco-friendly. conscious too.
Dipa Pillay, Southern retail operations manager, Forest Essentials, which sells luxury Ayurvedic products, said: \"We follow the traditional Ayurvedic recipes.
\"After years of development, a series of natural skin care and hair care products have been created by trained Ayurvedic doctors, and forest necessities have emerged.
\"All the ingredients we use are completely organic,\" Pillay added . \".
\"They did not use any chemicals or preservatives.
Even our extraction method is a cold pressure done manually with a manual grinder.
This retains both natural and nutritional ingredients, and we also save on the use of machinery.
I think women should pay close attention to how many chemicals are in the skin.
It is a good thing that so many cosmetic brands take the green path, and we should work together to make the green movement happen.
\"Fab India also has a range of natural skincare products.
Meetu Rawat, a follower of Fab India, said, \"We offer natural and authentic products, as well as a variety of aromatic products.
All of our products are made of organic ingredients, including hand made soap, natural butter and herbal extract.
Most of the products are made of pallets and are handmadecut and hand-made. ”Being eco-
Image consultant Manjusha Maheshwari said that consciousness is a way to go and he is trying to use the ecosystem
Skin care as friendly as possible.
\"Every woman should be aware of the chemicals in the products they use.
They should get as much information as possible and read the list of ingredients for each product they purchase.
Your mantra should be \"know before you use it. Go Eco Park
Friendly Way in skin care is the best way now.
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