Inside the real import 384 silk lipstick!

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-10-24
Inside the real 384 silk lipstick!

there are many different kinds of silk lipstick on market now, what is the real good? Cosmetics factory silk lipstick processing teach you common silk market lipstick quality analysis?

in the first place for everyone to distinguish what is trimmed & quot; Silk lipstick & quot; 吗?

add silk protein hydrolysate of ordinary lipstick: reference silk lipstick concept, but do not have the effect of real silk lipstick, those costs; Tencel ( Chemical fiber) Diaphragm: beauty is the most expensive silk tencel is using the diaphragm, but the cost is still a third - good silk lipstick 1/2, appearance is very similar with silk lipstick, almost transparent, but there is no silk and tough, unique protein fiber ( Variant of the soft strength is easy to tear thin structure) This kind of complex network structure, and it's silk lipstick, can help the elite fluid diversion is the essence of the tiny particles to promote absorption, close skin better.

384 silk import lipstick is good? 100% of the natural silk.

1, the natural silk construct ingredients with human skin, it do lipstick paper affinity to skin, tender and no stimulation, still can prevent allergy itching;

2, natural silk protein itself contains 18 kinds of amino acid, effectively replenish elastin and collagen protein, eliminate facial fine lines, rapidly improve the elasticity of the skin, the resurrection of cells, prevent melanin formation, whitening skin

3, natural silk is the lightest nature most soft and fine natural fibers, can fill the skin closely grooves; Perfect fit facial contour without bubbles. Corners of the mouth, nose, etc. Every inch of skin can be covered;

4, light, transparent, soft, thin, by gravity when your face is small, can achieve transparent invisible when apply lipstick effect, not only will not slide, also can prevent the skin by pulling loose. Apply to face does not affect the normal activities, save time and convenient;

5, natural silk is porous fibers, so water imbibition is strong, penetration, and keep humidity 5 to 10 times that of ordinary lipstick; Provide excellent water lock function at the same time, you can release homogeneous essence, deep moisturizing skin layer, for a long time to maintain the skin moist.

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