i tried popular halloween makeup to see if was actually possible to copy at home

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-14
Browse Pinterest, just like I often lose a few hours of my life, and I\'m impressed with some of the ideas for Halloween makeup.
The rotten zombie meat is made of liquid latex, zippered faces and fragile Chinese dolls and looks much better than anything I \'ve tried before.
There are billions and a tutorial that shows you how to implement these looks, but most of them are done by people with practical skills who often do such things.
I would like to see if it is possible to upgrade my Halloween game and make these myself look like a completely inexperienced amateur using the basic materials purchased from a clothing store at the last minute.
The thing is this: I designed it based on zombie makeup.
Obviously her approach is better, but getting the effect of peeling off the skin is much easier than I thought.
To make it look like there must be rotten skin when you need liquid latex.
I found some in a clothing store.
I \'ve never used it before, but it\'s kind of like mascara because it sticks to everything.
Literally, everything.
Once you get used to this annoying detail, simply pile up cotton around your mouth with liquid latex and wherever you like rotten meat.
Wait for it to dry and cover with a foundation.
Add some brown eyeshadow to the crack and cover it with fake blood.
Hey presto, in just 20 minutes you\'re a part of the walking dead.
Yes, I know the picture on the left is actually a talented Photoshop artwork, but I think I\'ll make the dead doll look like a carousel anyway.
It was a bad idea because I ended up looking like an amateur Barbie.
I started covering my face with white paint and then added blush circles and painting on some pink lips. So far so good.
I then tried to do the actual shards, which is not possible for FYI.
It looks like I have a lizard on my face, not a broken china.
Maybe it would look better if I had the right brush and better quality, but I think it would be better to leave this look to professionals.
The Girl on the left looks like a character from real blood as she is still as sexy as a vampire.
I feel like my version gives off the feeling of a more traditional Count de guora, but it could be worse.
It wasn\'t long before I simply covered my face with white paint and then darkened my eyebrows and eyes.
I drew red circles around my eyes and painted fake blood and black paint lines on my face with a brush.
After applying black paint on my lips, I covered my mouth with fake blood and let it run to get the real look I just ate.
The whole thing looks good but there is no wow factor.
Again it\'s a lot easier than I thought and it doesn\'t look far.
I don\'t have a blindfold, so I cut a sanitary napkin in the shape of one and covered it with black face paint.
It works like a dream and naturally absorbs a lot of fake blood.
I put the eye mask on my eyes with mascara and covered the edges with cotton wool.
To make my eyes look annoyed and swollen, I covered all the cotton wool with red face paint.
Then filled my new empty socket with all the fake blood I could find and had a good time.
It\'s really easy to do this, but it\'s very annoying to wear.
This patch is very irritating to my eyes and if it is worn out I know I will tear it off after the first photo is taken.
Top tip: do all the other make-up before covering up the eyes you are dropped by gou.
I forgot to do this, and as a result I tried to poke my \"good\" eyes when I couldn\'t see anything in the queue.
This is the best Halloween make-up ever, and everyone should have a face with a stretch open zipper at night.
Other than please don\'t, because I will shake this face and it will be awkward if everyone else is the same.
It was great because it was very simple and looked terrible.
You can get a zipper from haberdashery or fancy clothing store and all you need to do is attach spiritual gum or liquid latex.
Draw a line where you want the zipper to fall on your face, cover the zipper with adhesive, and paste along the line.
Then simply fill the middle with red face paint and fill the top with fake blood.
There are more details about my favorite Halloween face.
Liquid latex and chiseled eyes sound complicated, but these are actually easier to use than surface paint.
I think if you are born to be good at painting and have a delicate hand, the face of a vampire and the dead doll may be good for you.
However, don\'t be afraid to try some of the more scary looks if you\'re more like me, clumsy AF.
I found that the eyes and zombie faces that were dug out were actually easy to do and looked impressive.
But the zipper is what my heart is afraid of wearing it.
Seriously, please don\'t copy it. this is mine.
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