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Hundreds of GMPC standard workshop level certification in cosmetics OEM factory, is a what concept

Hundreds of GMPC standard workshop level certification in cosmetics OEM factory, is a what concept


                                                                                   Many customers are looking for cosmetics OEM factory, in order to make their products are quality assurance, usually choose to have more official certification of manufacturers, so their products in the market more reassuring, use at ease. If customers in the process of cosmetics OEM factory and found that they have hundreds of GMPC standard workshop level certification, customers are more willing to work with them. Then the standard authentication what magic?
the first thing we learn about what exactly is the GMPC. GMP Namely Good manufacturing practices, the first is the U. S.  congress to regulate drug production and promulgated in 1963, which called the GMPC Guideline for Good Manufacture Practice of Cosmetic Products, Chinese name is Cosmetic Good manufacturing practices, namely the cosmetics that sells on the market in the United States and the European Union, must conform to the federal cosmetics or eu cosmetics directive, to ensure the consumers health after normal use.

since be cosmetic good manufacturing practices, then it must examine certificate from various perspectives. GMPC focus is to ensure that the cosmetic safety and hygiene of the production process, to prevent foreign body products, microbial and chemical pollution. The cosmetics OEM factory in manufacturing, packaging, transportation process have detailed provisions, ensuring the safety of cosmetics health and stable quality. For people, plants and facilities, health, equipment, process control, product traceability and recycling has made specific provision.
visible by GMPC certification standard workshop is about the cosmetics OEM factory is one of the most important is sure, he can ensure the safety of the products of the manufacturers, improve product quality, eliminate dangerous accident, can reduce the product to the consumer the risk of injury or death caused by the effective control of cost and international recognition, etc. , and cosmetics factory OEM factory is the manufacturer of this, not only has passed the certification of hundreds of level GMPC standard factory building, but also through the European Union - 2716 2007 quality standard system certification, let customers more rest assured peace of mind.

cosmetics factory through two certification
cosmetics factory OEM factory is a professional research and development of natural plant production, raw materials, moderate and effective quality is absolutely guarantee results. Cosmetics factory is different: cosmetics factory not only leading technology, production environment is also a national standard completely. Ring of guarantees are there, production workshop is to pass the level 100000 GMPC ( Cosmetic good manufacturing practices), the highest standard And ISO22716 ( The latest cosmetic good manufacturing practices guide) The eu's dual certification. All shipments of products are all 100%, and has a unique back yards, appear what problem, cosmetics factory OEM factory will be solely responsible for. Must let customer did not worry completely.

so far, cosmetics factory OEM factory has helped hundreds of brands, such as many customers are certainly cosmetics factory work, word of mouth is always good! Cosmetics factory OEM factory at the same time with more aspiring people hope to create brand cosmetics, achieve a win-win situation!



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