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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-12
To create the illusion of a male face, you don\'t need to customize --made mask.
Using eyebrow pencil, press the foundation in light and dark tones to show typical male features such as facial hair, rough eyebrows, and a well-outlined face.
Halloween or costume party that looks Manly
Get up, choose clothes, accessories and hairstyles for men you get up too.
Use a eyebrow pencil and a moustache with your hair.
The theater suggests using this only on narrow moustache for the real look.
For that mini goat known as the \"soul patch\", use a fake hair pencil below the middle of the lower lip, extend down in a rectangle, and end at half or more of the middle of the chin.
Brad Pitt and many other men wear it.
Start at the bottom of the beard, use a pencil on the hair, and form a vertical line from the bottom of each side of the beard.
Extend the line to the chin and use a pencil on the goat\'s Hu.
Dark brown eye shadow.
Gently apply to the area where 5 shadows appear on the face ---
On the cheek, on the chin, also in that area if you don\'t have a beard.
Unless you cover your hair with a hat, choose the same or slightly darker eyebrow pencil color for your facial hair as the hair on your head.
With eyebrow pencil and light-
Touch it with your hand and fill in your eyebrows.
While a man\'s eyebrows may have arches, they should not be as obvious as the one the woman took off or madeup brows.
If you have an arch, fill it in part or all.
Sketch in side corner with eyebrow pencil.
The Side corner is not a female elf hairstyle, but falls off at the bottom to get them up.
Create one with makeup.
Choose a foundation that is darker than your natural skin tone or foundation.
Use a large makeup brush to apply a darker tone under the cheekbones and under the chin.
Use your fingertips and incorporate makeup so that it disappears on the border instead of ending suddenly.
Apply lighter shades than skin tone or base color to highlight the cheekbones and chin.
Put together a classic set of male outfits such as: there might be a pair of sneakers in your closet, which would be nice if they didn\'t shine or pink.
For men\'s shoes, hiking boots may also double.
Sports sandals also work--
Remember to remove the toenails.
Or borrow a pair of men\'s shoes, casual shoes or building boots.
If the shoes you wear are too big, wear more socks in case of blisters.
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