how to use aluminum makeup cases for floral decoration

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-19
If you have old aluminum make-up boxes in your home, then throwing them in the trash is a waste of money, time and creativity.
Of course, some would argue that hundreds of recycling companies would benefit from the aluminum cosmetic cases they kindly separated away.
While that makes some sense, they also don\'t answer the question: how can I get more benefits from these aluminum cosmetic cases?
If you like the idea of turning old things into new and exciting things, then this article will give you some tips on using old aluminum cosmetic boxes for another purpose.
Tools it doesn\'t matter if you use an expandable aluminum cosmetic case or an ordinary cosmetic case because both are available.
You don\'t need any type of special tool to cut the aluminum cosmetic case, you will find it cheap and novel to transform your box into a flower decoration platform.
The tools you need are :-
A pair of scissors-
Aluminum cosmetic case for scalable or double sided Storage-
Silk flowers according to the chosen color, but balance-
Foot foam and feet *-
The deeper the position spray * aluminum cosmetic case, you may need to use more anchor foam to highlight the type of floral decoration in your mind.
The preparation idea of triangular flower arrangement in aluminum makeup case royal rule about flower decoration is that they should pass harmony and balance in the selected design.
However, you are free to use the colors you like that blend in with the surrounding environment where you plan to place the recycled flower aluminum cosmetic case. Step One -
Select the second step of the flower planned for flower arrangement-
Glue the anchor foam in the aluminum cosmetic case, according to your preference.
As a tip, if you are using an expandable aluminum cosmetic case, then try to make sure that each floral arrangement you plan to place in each compartment remains at the same level.
You will notice that you may have different flower arrangement sizes, but this will not bother you. Step Three -
Determine the height and horizontal width of each triangular flower arrangement planned to be placed in different compartments of the aluminum cosmetic box.
You can do this by choosing the flowers with the highest height and then building the foundation.
As a tip, always make sure the height is greater than the bottom of the triangle flower arrangement. Step Four -
Work from the flower, build the height of the triangle in the aluminum cosmetic box with the shorter flower.
You will notice that you will use larger flowers and then use smaller flowers to create the triangular appearance in the aluminum cosmetic case.
Cut with scissors as needed and fix the flowers in place with anchor pins. Step Five -
Fill the floral arrangement in the aluminum cosmetic box with smaller flowers to create more bodies in the design.
You can use the position spray and make sure they remain the same depending on how the flowers are arranged.
Before inserting an anchor foam in an aluminum cosmetic case, you can also change the color of the outside by painting or wrapping it with the paper of your choice.
This is completely optional.
Don\'t worry about the handle that will appear, and don\'t worry about the aluminum that is used to secure each compartment or side in the appropriate position.
This is not a traditional floral arrangement that uses vases, but an arrangement that tries to highlight the possibility of using old aluminum cosmetic boxes as artwork.
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