how to organize your makeup and skin care products

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-18
You can divide the drawer space into compartments for a variety of skin care products;
You can top small containers in different styles, sizes and shapes from the kitchen aisle, bathroom and closet aisle.
You can use the tray in the drawer to buy skin care and make-up products as they are easy to clean and have soft lining and rubber feet that prevent sliding when the drawer is open.
It allows you to take it out when you want to make up.
When we talk about modern pots, use modern old-fashioned pots, storage, cotton pads, Q-
Tips, brushes and other things in the glass jar, unless you don\'t have time to do it, the revolutionary thing is how to simplify your daily life.
You can use the old mason jar, modern-
Looks like a kitchen can with a metal lid or used candle holder.
If you do not have counter space, hide the jar in the cupboard under the sink;
It makes it easy for your skin care products to catch.
Hanging up your hair supplies and tools is the bane of the presence of skincare products and cosmetics.
Judging from the bulky, winding cable and the thermal styling appliances of the dispensing tank, the hair always seems to constitute the biggest problem with the tissue.
Instead of putting it all in a closet or drawer, try to hang it on the door of the bathroom.
Excellent organizers with different sizes help to keep hair of different sizes.
Unfortunately, the days have passed for my nail polish special cabinet.
But stacking fridge organizers can help you organize them.
Stack up the Big Eight.
More than four-
Inch style, easily see all the beautifully arranged colors through the sides.
If your nail color collection is often overwhelming, you can keep your favorite shades, nail treatments, tools, make your nail tools easy to access top coat and defacing agent in separate containers located in front of your largest beautiful stacked bin.
Assign makeup drawers for over-makeup eyes, lips and cheeks, you can assign different sizes of drawer organizers for your makeup.
The reason for this work is that you can assign drawers to different categories, lipstick, eyelids and other things;
Queuing lipstick also works so you can see the color easily.
Using the sundries and vanity trays on the counter is another obvious idea and part of life --
Change when used.
After use, this is the only thing that can make your skin care products and cosmetic beauty.
What you have to do is put a beautiful tray near each of your sinks that will contain items you use in large quantities, for example, cleaning agents, lip balm, shaving cream and Shaver, moisturizing agents, while others carefully group in pallet beauty products, they think that these products are not outstanding and look dignified and almost luxurious.
There\'s nothing better than a random bottle on the table all the time.
You can also assign trays on the counter or in cabinets and drawers to capture objects that are always inactive like tweezers, hair elasticity and nail files.
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