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How to judge the shampoo? Professional manufacturer of shampoo generation processing analysis

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-18
Whether quickly or trill, in 2019, is one of the most popular in recent years, shampoo, many consumers are keen on web celebrity shampoo shampoo and ignoring the quality, web celebrity shampoo has merit, of course, the problem is now on the market so many emerging shampoo brand, must polish eyes, choose good shampoo! The following cosmetics factory professional production and processing of 20 years shampoo shampoo generation processing factory to tell you, how to determine the shampoo?
1, the quality of the products
consistency: good shampoo sticky texture, after inversion flow, and the good shampoo paste more exquisite, absolutely won't exist any bumpy, and paste coherent.
aroma: good shampoo smell let person mind, more good shampoo more close to the natural flavor, delicate not blunt nose, and long lasting fragrance.
2, the product of the mild shampoo
moderate degrees is the PH value of shampoo. If normal hair in weak acid, PH value is higher than
hair shampoo, hair after washing the PH value will tend to rise, small skin hair will open, the hair is also the most vulnerable, the most easy to damage.
acid shampoo, so need to use the PH balance of the two, so the MAO xiaopi of the hair will close up,
natural smooth and easy to comb hair.

3, product foaming force foaming force is an important symbol of identification of shampoo is good or bad, generally good shampoo with with very small amounts of water can play a lot of bubbles. Now very fire amino acid shampoo is up a lot of bubbles, the same type of amino acid cleanser is also can be a lot of bubbles.
4, detergency of products, the most basic function of
shampoo is to clean and decontamination ability is an important index of evaluating shampoo.

5, product repair force dyeing, perm, straight head can make the MAO xiaopi damage, if the MAO xiaopi destroyed, hair squama will arch up. Might as well pick up the microscope, when washing a hair look after washing hair have no obvious arching, if there is no repair effect is good.

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