How to identify metamorphic cosmetics OEM products? Teach you three recruit cosmetics factory generation plant

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-01
Cosmetics is known to all there is a shelf life of branded products, generally on the other hand the expiration of the cream is for three years, but because some cosmetics generation processing factory qc does not reach the designated position, lead to cosmetics OEM product deterioration in advance, that how to identify metamorphism cosmetic? If we can continue to sell? Teach you three recruit cosmetics factory generation plant.

1。 Smell.

normal cosmetics smell is very pure, have normal plant fragrance, the taste of Chinese herbal medicine or harmonic fragrance. But bad cosmetics had a very unpleasant strange taste, cover the original fragrance, abnormal smell, essence and day cream on the other hand will appear this kind of problem.
2。 See color

qualified cosmetics natural color, paste purity. And metamorphism cosmetic color will be gloomy turbidity, shades, often have different flecks and become yellow. Of course some added susceptible to oxidation of the active material of cosmetics, can appear the phenomenon of light discoloration, usually yellow, if the product changes this, will make the labels and instructions on the manual.
3。 See cream texture

metamorphic cream texture can become thin, you will see the water, the overflow from the cream, this is due to a lot of cosmetics, generally have high polymer material and surface active agent, excessive propagation of microbes decompose these large molecules and surface active agent, destroyed the original state of emulsion cosmetics, which is included in the original structure of emulsified moisture in the precipitation, sometimes even under aseptic condition, for a long period of time excessive form cold and heat, cosmetics also can appear oil-water separation phenomenon.

bad paste sometimes present inflation bulge phenomenon, this is because the microbes to some of the products caused by a gas that, serious when produce this gas even made cosmetics bottle caps, make cosmetics spillover.

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