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How to find a professional price and low processing cosmetics manufacturer?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-18
How to find a professional price and low processing cosmetics manufacturer? It is not easy? Teach you three and
1. First watch manufacturer qualification
can directly search in baidu map, then check in companies and other third-party software to find the patent of the company and the relevant certificates. Must have the company's business license, cosmetics production license, must see date to 2016 years is normal, because in 2016 the national processing of cosmetics manufacturers are reviewed. Is valid for five years, on behalf of the factory inspection results very good special case for five years, or are generally three years.

2. According to the products you need to do, just ask what can do effect, include service, product loss rate, deliver time and so on. Remember not to ask price, not cheap things must be good, want is cost-effective! Cheap thing is cheating, late may come up to a lot of puzzling.

3。 Look at technology, technology may be a lot of companies are propaganda is very tall, field considering must go to the factory, to see the exhibition hall products. You can temporarily requirement plate, this is the actual level. Is the most important is, must have a publicity stunt, this product is good.
cosmetics factory generation processing factory is a professional technology manufacturers, has 20 years of experience, is the national high and new technology enterprise, the stable formula has more than 9000, Dr R&d engineers are team, is the guangdong pharmaceutical university teaching base, and is the only manufacturer, has a natural plant development center has successfully helped 500 + brand successfully listed, is committed to bring customers high quality brand, the more to create a more natural green environmental protection effectively protect skin to taste, if you want to do the brand, cosmetics factory welcome you at any time! 4005 - 565 - 613 consultation can send free samples of hot style!
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