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How to draw eyeshadow

by:Beauty Spirit     2021-03-24

A pair of energetic eyes not only depends on eye makeup modification, but also beautiful eye shadow makeup. How to paint eyeshadow to make the eyes look more charming, you must learn for novices who don't know how to paint eyeshadow.

How to paint eyeshadow


Create a gradual eye shadow with a layering technique. First of all, in your eyeshadow palette (it can be 2-3 single-color eyeshadow pans, or multi-color eyeshadow palettes), select light eyeshadows, highlight the upper eyelid and lower eye area in a wide range. Eyes, make the eyes look energetic.

Second step

Then choose the second-dark eyeshadow, and slowly fill up the double eyelid folds. In order to avoid the eyeshadow being covered by the double eyelids, the tips for painting eyeshadows are based on the principle of 'a small amount of times'. Pay attention to you in the mirror while painting, and then slowly push the eyeshadow out until you are satisfied.

third step

Stack the dark eyeshadow from the center of the eyelid to the end of the eye to create a gradual eye makeup. , Gently apply light-colored eyeshadow around the upper eye socket, that is, on the upper and lower eyelids, to increase the water brightness of the pupils.

4 tips for eye shadow color selection

Eye shadow is often used in our makeup. So, beautiful MMs, do you know how to choose eye shadow? Next, let’s take a brief look at 4 tips for eye shadow color selection!

1. Start with a light-colored primer

Choose a light-colored eyeshadow that can blend with your skin tone, apply the color on the creases of the eye, and from the middle of the eyelid, toward the end of the eye, and then from the direction of the eye socket, brush it to the end of the eye, and then brush it back and forth. Evenly, if the application is too heavy, you can gently spread it with your fingers, which will be more natural.

2. Use pearlescent eyeshadow to brighten

After the overall eye makeup is finished, use a light-colored eye shadow that contains pearl or shine, and lightly apply on the protruding area of ??the brow bone to add to the overall eye contour.

3. The painting method of dark colors

The darker eye shadow is the key part of the eye makeup. Apply the dark eye shadow that can be matched with the lighter color on the back of the hand to make the makeup more even, and then apply it to the eye The tail area, and from the outer corner of the eye to the eye socket, is uniformly radiated. Do not show it. The obvious boundary between light and dark can make the eyes show a deep feeling.

4. The matching of dark and light colors

The use of contrasting shades of color can increase the three-dimensional effect of the eye. If you want to try more boldly, you can try the combination of three colors! Generally, you should choose bright colors that can be matched with each other. Makes eyes sparkling.

The 4 tips for eye shadow color selection must be remembered to make your makeup more dazzling!

Four color eyeshadow small collocation

I like things with rich colors. Today I will share with you four small eye shadow combinations with brilliant colors.

1. Matching colors: purple and pink

The gorgeousness of purple and the cuteness of pink, the rainbow-like colorful and clear colors, show a charming and elegant temperament, presenting two natural looks of women, which can be pure or charming.

Tips, first use pink lightly to cover the eye sockets, and then use purple gradient smudge to strengthen the eye area.

2. Matching colors: green and light brown

It is an extremely fashionable makeup and color matching. With brown lipstick, it can unnaturally reveal a mysterious and fashionable temperament.

Tips, smudge the entire eye socket with dark green eyeshadow, or dot under the brow and the corners of the eyes.

3. Matching colors: purple and blue-green

The combination of clear blue-green and charming purple can show the charm and purity of women. With transparent lip gloss, it is gorgeous and simple.

Tips, you can use a light shell color to highlight the part of the brow bone, so as to make the eye makeup more three-dimensional.

4. Matching colors: yellow and pink

It can express the tenderness and gorgeousness of women, it is the gentle eye that lowers the head, the combination of bright yellow and soft pink, people can't help but feel new and caring.

Tips, the end of the eyes is strengthened with bright yellow, which can highlight the brightness of the color, thereby creating a small animal-like feeling.

After reading these four small eyeshadow collocations, are you excited? Go ahead and create your own colors!
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