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How to correctly use lipstick lipstick factory tell you

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-28
Most people have a skin care myth, feel dry skin will apply lipstick, staying up late to apply lipstick, have black rim of the eye apply lipstick, tanned apply lipstick & hellip; … Lipstick as to save the skin artifact, functions are infinite amplification. Some of the fairies in pursuit of a more perfect effect, want to make enough water for skin, then apply lipstick every day. Lipstick plant cosmetics factory today to tell you how to correctly use lipstick:

lipstick can help skin filling water, deeply moisturize skin compensatory nutrition to skin, and make skin smooth and soft. Can also help whiten skin, inhibit the generation of melanin and brighten the complexion, fade spots. Correct use lipstick can make your skin look brand-new, and wrong use method may backfire. Lipstick is compensatory nutrition to skin, if foreign supernutrition, make facial skin become dependent, make the skin becomes poor self-control, bring a series of problems such as long blain on the face.

use the lipstick of key points:
1. Apply lipstick can shift to an earlier date before a water, also can use essence class cosmetics on the face firstly, and then apply the lipstick. This is to form a relatively closed space, can let the essence of the before besmear more fully absorbed by skin.
but, if you mix oil or the outermost layer of skin, blain blain is absolutely not to try, otherwise will form the blain blain and silent.

2. Apply lipstick after first steps before the maintenance & ndash; — Water, essence, eye creams, lotions, creams, one can't be little. If you're not essence and eye frost, directly on the other hand.
don't think that apply the lipstick skin to absorb the nutrition and moisture is fine, this is absorbed, do not represent can keep for a long time. Want more lastingly keep the nutrition and moisture, must & other; Closed & throughout; And close follow-up maintenance is a must.

3. Apply lipstick time choose
after 12 PM is the time to repair skin cells, so before sleeping is the best time to apply the lipstick.
if use hot towel apply face two or three minutes first, then apply the lipstick that is the best, to apply lipstick in a quiet environment, don't laugh don't wrinkled face, take it easy.
apply lipstick time control in 15 - best Within 20 minutes, in the process of apply face will adsorb some dirty things, apply face time is too long, one is the skin to absorb nutrition in saturated state, the second is water will be taken away by the lipstick on his face.

4. Get into the habit of
it is very important to get into the habit of regularly apply lipstick, can according to their skin and skin conditions to select the suitable products and skin care cycle. The normal moisturizing lipstick three times a week or so, and functional lipstick on Monday to twice.
and apply the lipstick, not just to wash my face, even while skin enough moisture conditions, coated with emulsion or cream, lock the moisture, it is a complete skin care process.

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