How to choose the profitable OEM cosmetics wechat business?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-11
See market choice category

vicious competition in the cosmetics industry, many agents got a phone call from a lot of manufacturers business manager, every day is for & other; Mandarin & throughout; , said his own brand of how good, how has distinguishing feature. In fact, in the industry are all the same, it's not a big characteristic, both in terms of material selection and concept definition, there are a lot of similar. For agents, choose the brand, must from the local market, understanding the consumption characteristics of the local market and spending power, consumer psychology have a certain understanding of the local market, not blind to choose the brand, if not, who is himself.

see quality experience effect

we often hear a word from the customer, the manufacturer of your product quality? How is the effect? Product quality assurance? These problems are the most concern of the customer. As a long term for brand, if you don't guarantee quality, not to mention about long-term development, also to mention the long term business. Product quality is the vitality of brands, is the vitality of enterprise long-term development. As agent, also more need to pay attention to choose the brand with good quality, to experience the product effect is good and the bad as the guarantee of product quality standard, so that would be better choose the degree of brand operation.

from the agent's point of view, they pick up brands can choose the high quality product category, so they will have more confidence to meet, and more capacity to market operation. After all, relatively many agents, they pick up brand goal is long term development, will also take into account the market size and the terminal franchisees and accept degree, also consider to terminal market consumer choice. Good products, good brand, consumers pay rate is very high, can win back for a long time, steady customers.

on high-margin category

many manufacturers business managers often visit customers, with a thick stack data to visit customers, customers can see the whole feels, will continue to talk about policy, the policy support and high profit point, the agent will take consideration. There are a lot of manufacturers business managers in the market, the sight of the customer said, we have a lot of favourable activity recently, policy dynamics is bigger, the support is big, you can fully understand it. Agent to see the policy will also be an account, pick a brand if no support and profit point, they won't go to consider to meet brand, namely we often say discount point and support.
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