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How to achieve 11 million in a relatively short period of time

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-25
Cattle business ii 69 - day countdown! Fourth cattle dealer supremacy has been nearly a third of the time, while the participation of the supremacy of the enterprise target yield rate is far less than one-third, we go from here?

on Monday July 23, 2018, cattle dealer supremacy can start for 23 days, our cattle dealer supremacy mr. wong, snap it, commander in chief of emergency called on leaders of all business owners and discuss strategy, in order to let the cattle business champions better go ahead, make each enterprise in the champions to obtain the results they want, the more the give yourself a replacement! All ideas, set the following three points, strong landing!

01 set
post responsibilities required by a job need to complete the job content, and shall bear the responsibility, no matter who or between management of refers to the different position, responsibility is a job description of the realization.
if you want to do the work effective enforcement as everyone must clear their own responsibility, everyone to do their work, can effectively to ensure that the target is complete.

2 learning plans
the completion of any goal must be to decomposition, the decomposition of each part, why we didn't finish, must be a reason for that. By analyzing the meeting, we don't have a very good reason for achieving goals that we didn't have enough learning. Many enterprises in the entire network marketing is a small white, very practical point is that the reason we attend cattle dealer supremacy is also want to learn from the enterprise marketing is well done and share the good he has done.

life is ever-changing, it is always tempting you to slack off. Develop a plan of study, can make you in accordance with the plans to implement the task, difficult and interference. A plan is a reflection of willpower. To implement plan can hone the willpower and will hone, and further enhance your learnings. These advances will only be able to give you more confidence, better success.


set rules are rules and regulations to have a plan, a plan to better perform!

the meeting let us feel the urgency of the time, and realized the deficiency. Cosmetics factory will don't forget to beginner's mind, with full passion, looking up at the sky, feet on the ground! Total toward our goals!

cosmetics factory welcome the masses of cosmetics industry partners to visit factory!
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cosmetics factory only do welcome in the market!

cosmetics factory only do let customer satisfaction!

the good faith is supreme, quality first.

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