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How much you need to cooperate with cosmetics co-packer

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-23
Look very good product, cannot leave the effect of product, the product effect is dependent on the cost, this is a very real word. Generation of processing fee of 4 factors decided to cosmetics.
1。 Within the material: the material is packed in cosmetics bottle the material inside the body, that is the root of the effect that protect skin ingredients, it can be based on the formula manufacturers stick a card custom to go out, also can use customer's formula, or cosmetics co-packer model after deployment.
in material price is the most commonly have different quality of a dozen to several hundred have a few kilograms, is a sales position to decide the price by the customer.
2。 Packaging materials, it includes the inner packaging materials and packaging materials, are generally customers scheduled to plant or plant to assist customers order of packaging materials, packaging materials, there is a minimum quantity, the quantity and quality of packaging materials also have a lot of contact with tooling cost.
3。 Artificial service charge, cosmetics is a non-profit organization that co-packer are processing cost.
4。 Bulk, usually within a prescribed scope up batch will lower relativity, the greater the price level.
5。 The final product of the test report would have to be. Also to receive the money.
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