helpful tips for beginners to buy makeup brushes

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-15
No matter how good your makeup quality is, the wrong set of tools, like the wrong brush, will ruin the perfect look!
Therefore, we have collected some useful tips for beginners to buy makeup brushes.
Makeup brushes need to be cleaned at least once a week.
Wash the brush with warm water and shampoo.
Don\'t let the bristles stand up.
The bristles may lose hold in the casing, and the water enters the glue that binds them together.
Good cosmetics are essential for a perfect, perfect look;
However, the tools you use, such as makeup brushes, are equally important.
Even with the best products, the wrong brush will ruin your gorgeous makeup.
For beginners, choosing the right brush from a variety of options can be confusing.
So, you are new to the whole makeup world, and of course, you can buy a full set of brushes or assembly kits.
But some brushes in the kit have never really been used and customization can help you choose the one that suits you.
In this beautiful article, we simplify the task of choosing the right makeup brush for you.
The essential brushes for makeup are listed below and their use is explained.
So when you go out and buy the first set of makeup brushes, you know which ones are your savior!
Understand the type of makeup you need.
Your features, skin tone and skin quality are very important.
It\'s also wise to know the application technology you use.
Whether you\'re light-
Handed or heavy-handed person.
If you\'re a heavy-
You may need to buy a brush with a longer handle, which will make sure the makeup is softer.
If you look closely at the mirror, you may choose a shorter brush, which will make the application easier.
Your face type or shape and your features will also help determine what kind of brush you need.
For example, if you have a close eye position, you need a smaller brush to provide more detail for eye makeup.
If your face is wide, you may need a larger brush to cover the large area easily and evenly.
Before buying a brush, it is important to determine the type of hair on the brush.
Depending on the type of product you will use, select the hair of the brush.
You will have a variety of things, such as synthetic and natural brushes, or brushes with synthetic and natural hair.
Most people would recommend choosing natural hair brushes as they are softer for the skin, easier to absorb pigments and look softer. Which is true;
However, certain applications of cosmetics, such as foundation and masking cream, may require a synthetic brush, which provides a better finish for applied cosmetics.
Natural hair brushes are good for powder products, they absorb powder easily, while synthetic brushes work well with cream --
Application based on and liquid products.
Through some experiments, you can decide which brush is best for your skin and makeup.
It should be comfortable to use a brush during the application.
If it feels right on your skin and the result is good, don\'t worry about what is said in the manual.
Go with intuition!
The price of the makeup brushes may be higher, but if used properly, they will last for a long time.
Always choose a brush that feels strong to your skin.
When you choose a brush for blushing, make sure it is your best and highest investment.
Use long time processing, natural
Hair and round fluffy brushes are the best for your blush application. A medium-
The large brush with soft bristles does not irritate the skin and gives the cheek a perfect color.
These brushes are available in many shapes and sizes.
Choose a mediumsized, dome-
Hair brush with natural shape.
Applying powder with puff is considered elegant.
But there must be a large, soft, natural brush.
Soft, professional, radiant finish. A medium-
The size of the brush, the head is slightly round is the most suitable.
By using a good brush, you end up using fewer products, which gives you a natural
Looks radiant.
When this brush is selected, run the bristles along the back of the palm.
You should have a soft feeling.
In addition, the bristles should be snuggled well in the card sleeve of the brush.
Foundation brush is the key to achieve gorgeous makeup.
It is recommended to use a brush with artificial hair.
You can also choose a brush that mixes natural and synthetic hair.
The surface of the natural soft bristles is smooth, while the synthetic bristles can prevent excessive soaking of pigments.
A flat brush with a contour tip also helps to get a smooth look and reach deeper areas of the nose and eyes.
The rounded point painting foundation brush makes you look more uniform.
The flat head of the brush helps to draw a foundation on your face so that it doesn\'t look like it\'s drawn out, but it will shine naturally.
You can choose this brush or apply the base using a flat brush with a contour tip.
For evenly smooth colors on the lips, choose a small lip brush.
The lip brush helps to control the look and shape of the lips, such as a thin line or a bold look.
Synthetic hair brushes work well for defined and precise lip lines.
Choose a flat, small and round-
The shape brush makes the application easier.
No longer use the sponge stick that comes with the eye box.
Choose a very soft short
Thick hairbristled brush.
Feel silky when in contact with the skin. Use a short-
Hair, flat brush with paint applied as a whole.
If you want a multi-purpose brush, go for half.
A brush in the shape of the moon.
This will provide full coverage and can also be used to apply shadows on the creases of the eyes.
Eyeliner brush can be used to apply eyeliner or as eyebrow brush.
Choose a brush with a tilt angle of synthetic or natural bristles.
Eyebrow brush seems to be a cheap tool in your kit.
However, this does not reduce its importance.
The eyebrow brush usually has a comb on one side and the eyebrow brush on the other side, which is useful in managing the eyebrows and tame the clumsy mascara on the eyelashes.
The brush also helps to apply the eyebrow pen evenly on the eyebrows.
After proper care and treatment, the brush can last for a long time.
Test the brush several times before buying it.
You will know which one gives you better grip and comfort.
You can also use a single brush for multiple applications.
For example, you can also use a blush brush as a highlighter.
Just highlight with the flat face of the brush.
Remember that perfect makeup can only be achieved with the right makeup brush.
Consider it a little and choose your first set carefully.
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