Good lipstick generation processing manufacturer standard

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-12-17

we want good lipstick generation processing factory standard? We all know that good lipstick factory factory construction has very strict requirements, whether it is the factory location or all need to pay attention to environment, region and a series of factors, according to the different parts of the world's lipstick co-packer, good processing lipstick manufacturers need to reached the standard of the eye.

1, the location of the lipstick plant area should choose the environment neat and clean place, need to be avoided around product safety influence of pollution sources, production environment more clean more filling can guarantee product safety.

2, lipstick and processing plant construction should be reinforced concrete or steel frame structure, ensure the environment of dry and waterproof effect is good, the building design and construction to the protection of the product causes larger limit, the other is security workshop clean and maintain a greater convenience.

3, the inside of the workshop construction to conform to the hygiene standards, production and non-production areas need to have strict quarantine, to prevent pollution of the lipstick, raw material and finished goods at the time of building more observation and reference how good lipstick factory building, combined with actual situation in the dressing rooms, isolation, manufacturing and other production workshop cannot lack between the functional areas of construction.

4, to the factory production workshop to eye, next door, ceiling, doors and Windows and that a series of infrastructure construction in order to clean as the basic principle, the production workshop logistics channel to spacious and no block design, customer visiting corridor with the production area to have glass wall.

in order to better the construction of the lipstick factory, cosmetics factory automation co. , LTD advocates, pipelining, sealing mode of production, strictly control the quality of the produced lipstick, quality and reliable manufacturers more specification to plant construction request, to meet the above requirements to build a more standard lipstick manufacturers.
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