ghost makeup and face paint for halloween

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-13
5 scary ghost make-up and facial painting designs ever popular Halloween ghosts will look even more impressive with proper ghost make-up.
No need to hide under the sheets and you can\'t wait to show off your wonderful ghostly look!
Here you will find 5 very different ghost makeup and Facebook designs to choose from.
You can be a beautiful 1920 girl ghost or a cute dead girl who looks more wild.
Or take a look.
Capture the full face paint in the \"Crimson Ghost\" style.
For the children, there is an idea of a half-faced cemetery and a ghost-face painting.
Finally, pirates can turn themselves into a ghost pirate with black veins and throat wounds.
Happy Halloween to you!
1920 ghost makeup-
A classic beautiful ghost makeup StyleI \\ start with the most classic--
Absolutely the most beautiful. -
The ghost makeup design I found
Designed by the pinupsweetshoppe, this is a beautiful 1920 inspired ghost girl.
The video itself has clear written instructions about this ghost makeup, so I didn\'t add more here.
This is a clear video tutorial and it\'s fun to watch.
The soundtrack will get you into the Halloween spirit soon-1920s style!
You basically turn your face into Ghost White and make that empty one out of brown makeup --out, dead look.
Half-faced ghost-
Perfect for kids
If you have seen any of my other Face Painting Tutorial pages, you will know that I am a huge fan of marvelousmask.
His facial paint design is always fun and is usually designed with children in mind.
This half-faced grimace paint is no exception.
Kids will love it and it gives them a more exciting Halloween look than simply painting their faces white!
See the video below for step-by-step facial drawing instructions for this Halloween ghost design.
How to create the fun of ghost face painting with this Halloween Facebook drawing!
These step-by-step facial drawing instructions apply only to one side of the face.
There will be no painting on the other side.
Step 1: Apply a light blue sponge to your half face and nose.
Step 2: use darker blue, sponge facial paint around the eye including the eyelid.
Step 3: Apply dark blue face paint with a sponge on the central part of the cheek, the lower center of the nose and the edge of the forehead paint.
Step 4: Use dark blue, create a dark blue area on the lower part of the cheek, upper lip and chin, pay attention to fusion on the edge.
Step 5: Use white paint on the brush to create ghost shapes.
Add their arms/wings and fill with white face paint.
Step 6: Use Gray (
Or mixed in black and white)
Create a tombstone shape at the bottom of each ghost.
Step 7: make a circular motion with a sponge on the white face paint, creating a full moon near the center line on the forehead.
Step 8: Apply black face paint on the thin brush and add the bat near the moon.
Paint the ghost and tombstone with a black face.
Step 9: Add eyes and mouth to your ghost!
Some small V shapes on the tombstone suggest writing.
Apply a little black paint on the outer edge of the moon to color.
Step 10: add white highlights under the edges of ghosts and Tombstone and bat wings.
There you can see funny grimace paint and it will make every little horror happy!
Death style \"dark red ghost\" face painting-
Impressive ghost makeup once again uses 2 colors of marvelousmask, inspired by the deep red ghost face paint design of the rock band misfit.
Don\'t you look great?
Despite the impressive results, this method uses only two colors of facial paint.
This may be too messy for children to shave their heads or skullcap.
But perfect for any inappropriate fan.
They got their own inspiration from a 1946 TV series called Deep Red Ghost, which featured the emergence of a crime planner.
Face painting by Crimson Ghost here instructions how to do this ghost makeup Step 1: Use White face painting, create a mask shape under the forehead and eyes, paint on the eyebrows.
Apply from the outer eye to the mouth and bend to the chin.
You really need to watch the video and this step will become clear!
Step 2: fill this \"mask\" with white paint \".
Step 3: outline the white mask with the black face on the brush.
Create a small bridge shape above the tip of the nose.
Add the sides of the mask to the mouth, and there is a straight line on the lips and extend to the edge of the mask.
Step 4: now paint your face with a black face that is not every part of White.
This includes the eye area.
You dare not put the sponge on your head!
Applying on the ears and neck is also optional, but helps to get a ghostly look of crimson.
Step 5: Paint the tip of the nose with a black face.
Step 6: make a short vertical line on the upper and lower lips.
Connect with small curves to form teeth.
Extend the lower lip to both sides.
Some of the lower right teeth turn black and one of the upper left teeth turn black.
Step 7: Add thin black lines around the mouth, nose, eyes and cheeks.
Add points from the bridge of the nose to both sides of the mouth.
You\'re done!
The dark red face paint is finished. Go scare!
Cute ghost girl makeup-
You decide whether it\'s a corpse or a ghost!
As jemcitymakeup explains, many of you want to die but still want to look cute.
She took this step. by-
Step makeup tutorial for you only!
I included it with the ghost because it looked different from 1920.
And their bodies. No ghosts. . .
But you may find it difficult to leave your own body on this Halloween.
Since this look depends on the same pale face and empty eyes as the early Ghost girl, I think this works as well as ghost makeup.
The video is also well done with clear explanations for each step.
Take a look and see what you think.
Pirate Ghost makeup (or Highwayman)-
Ghost pirates of Halloween pirates are always popular as our pirate image dates back centuries and you also need to be a ghost if you want to be an accurate pirate, right?
This ghost makeup will show you how to make ghost pirate makeup.
Long hair helps, or a wig!
I think this pirate ghost makeup will look good too.
Another detail you can try is an increase in throat wounds.
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