Generation of processing costs how much protects skin to taste

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-13
A lot of friends in contact with skin care products in the early period of the processing plant, the most concern is to protect skin to taste the processing fee is? As a large company with many years of experience in terms of skin care products processing factory, this is not a question difficult to answer. In fact, processing fees received a number of factors, in a nutshell, protect skin to taste (= the cost of material body + packaging material Within the packaging + outsourcing material) + artificial cost. Detail below what skin care products generation of processing cost factors:

a, material quality,

in the first place, must be clear product positioning and sales channels, such as professional line of skin care and cosmetic line of skin care products. Cosmetic line of skin care products generally go e-commerce, wechat business way; The professional line to protect skin to taste is aimed at beauty salon; Is different, the positioning of the product quality requirements is different, generally professional line material body than cosmetic line material body price above will be expensive.

packaging material, packaging materials, two kinds, one kind is the packaging material, generally refers to glass bottle, acrylic bottle, hose, etc. ; And the other a packaging material, generally is the cardboard box. Customers can provide packaging material, only need to protect skin to taste co-packer processing production material body and then implant, packing!

3, other expenses processing factory production and processing process of the service, product inspection fee, registration fee, etc. ; In addition is the client's processing mode selection, some brand chamber of commerce should bring along their own their own product formula, whether it involves processing factory need to order the raw material, the time cost will increase, which will affect the skin care products processing fees.

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