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Folds the brushwork of eye shadow, eye shadow single-edged eyelid how nice graphical single-edged eyelid how

by:Beauty Spirit     2021-01-20
Now most people are inclined to the aesthetic conceptions of double-fold eyelid, so many folds of meimei by micro plastic or beauty makeup products to achieve the effect of double-fold eyelid, actually folds can also is very beautiful, here small make up will teach single-edged eyelid girl how eye shadow? ! Single-edged eyelid eye shadow for the first step: use eye shadow brush dab matte beige eye shadow area of smear on the eyelids render. Step 2: gently apply eye end with orange eye shadow along with eye head dizzy catch, eyelid middle white space. Step 3: choose a bead light orange smear eye shadow on the eye end under shading to eye end, range of no more than black rim of the eye, the eye end carry bright aureate eye shadow. Step 4: give up with brown eyeliner pencil eyeliner, eye end slightly bold. Step 5: in the eye head with brown eyeliner draw look line, range of no more than below the eye, with large bright pearl eye shadow again daub above with eye head below the eye brighten. Step 6: clip becomes warped eyelash, daub eyelash creams, lively eyes orange eye makeup to end. Is suitable for the eye makeup folds of eye makeup for folds step 1: choose a large shading brush, dab matte beige eye shadow of large area, as the eye base. The second step: chocolate brown eye shadow with medium eye shadow brush dab, along with the tail against the eyelashes dizzy catch up slightly, eye head with fastens with color eye shadow, make deep feeling. Step 3: dark brown eye shadow according to the outline before and aggravating dizzy catch, pour into a triangle, under the eye end with eye end connection, close to daub eyelash can deepen again. Step 4: eye to eye head above daub light carry bright pearl color eye shadow, at the same time make eye makeup effect more natural. Step 5: clip becomes warped eyelash, daub eyelash creams, enlarge on the vision eyes, eye makeup is over. Believe that after watching the above tutorial can all draw a pair of charming eye makeup.
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