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Flow decreases, quickly get enquiries these steps do you know

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-25
Cosmetics factory very lucky yesterday came to the network learning, in the process of the study and communication, so, thanks to the guangdong jia city trademark website, one male friend of decoration design engineering share!

in the learning exchange activities, mainly has the following processes:

1. Companies put forward current problems

2. In the presence of baidu's customer service, mutual communication puts forward solution to
3. Summarize the study exchange

in the learning exchange activities, companies have a common problem is baidu flow down, in the case of flow compared to before, most basic scored the advertising industry, how to survive in the cracks, quickly get enquiries?

as a whole after the opinions of the professionals, the following conclusions:

1. Finishing account, raise the core keyword bids and will match mode setting precise or accurate contains, do have a ranking
2. Turn consumption low word prices come down, and relax the matching mode
3. Account will do a good job classification, edit high correlation between creativity, each creative pictures
4. Increase the flash style and component
5. Find out the latest year without consumption of keywords to delete, pay attention to in batches to delete, don't too one-time delete keywords, and improve the quality of the account's overall degree of

in the learning activities, thanks to mr. wong and xie total treat! Cosmetics factory to harvest a lot, also hope I can participate in this learning exchange activities, I wish this supremacy in the cattle business competition, the guangdong jia city trademark website, a station public decoration design engineering and cosmetics factory processing plants can get what we wanted, and at the same time, I wish all the participants in cattle dealer of the enterprise to get good grades!
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