fill up your makeup bag and we\'ll guess if you\'re high or low maintenance

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-23
Let\'s have a makeup shopping spree!
The way you fill your makeup bag will determine if you are the biggest day in town or if you like to be ignored.
The goods and brands you choose will tell us a lot about you.
We will be able to figure out if you prefer trends or classics and we will know exactly how high or low your maintenance is!
You may not think you are in the high maintenance category, but will the content of your makeup bag say something different?
In your opinion, a small weekend make-up bag may be the equipment that others carry crazy in such a short period of time.
We are so often attracted by the way we do things that we forget to take a step back from the mirror to evaluate our entire self.
Take a look at yourself and your bag with us and see if anyone else thinks it\'s hard for you to maintain!
In our endless shopping spree, we will visit some of your favorite shops.
Once you have finished shopping, we will tell you what we found.
So you will know whether to turn the volume down or turn it up!
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