Feedstock is rigorous, cosmetics factory factory set cosmetics quality standard

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-16
Feedstock is rigorous, cosmetics factory factory set cosmetics quality benchmarking

recently imported cosmetics quality safety problems, orange sampling detected staphylococcus aureus, cosmetics safety quality is! As China's cosmetics processing OEM enterprise in south China, cosmetics factory processing factory is committed to build a more sustainable development of the processing of cosmetics, in addition to providing products, natural green materials in the process of production is also very pay attention to the safety, health, environmental performance, including all sites, air emissions and carbon emissions, are under strict control, for example through waste water circulation process can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 32%. Cosmetics factory factory processing raw materials processing leading cosmetics industry trend of The Times, is the cosmetics generation processing industry benchmarking.

cosmetics factory factory has modern production equipment, GMP production workshop, first-class ERP enterprise management system, and established a team of senior beauty research expert, professor of medicine at elite r&d team, Dr, etc. And guangdong college of pharmacy combining the cosmetic research center of the core members, the introduction of high-tech supercritical extraction technology, natural plants and Chinese herbal medicine effective components used in cosmetics, built a set product development, project services, in the integration of research and development of modern communication system, is committed to providing customers with first-class, sophisticated products. Has 20 years experience in cosmetics industry, cutting-edge research concept, exquisite production level and food grade standard of control, each product will be crafted, excellence, meticulous give full play to the fault of the product high level attitude. Is the icing on the cake, the experience from the accused and the cosmetics industry finely go heart understanding of consumers, cosmetics factory processing OEM team will provide the most conforms to the market demand the production of advice, help customers attentively, sincere cooperation, to develop the present cosmetics OEM industry's thirst for gold hot style and best-selling products.

any product behind the garage with unknown dental laboratories, cosmetics generation process of every detail can have very big distinction, truly the processing quality of cosmetics OEM enterprise will give good every production, meticulous care to your skin! Details reflect a generation of processing enterprises of conscience! Cosmetics factory processing plants, in short, the beginner's mind, make you satisfied, consumers love and trust of cosmetic products.

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