Eyeshadow color matching

by:Beauty Spirit     2021-03-24

Eye makeup is an important part of our facial makeup. Eye shadow color collocation plays a key role. A good eye shadow collocation can make the makeup look brighter. Faced with a dazzling array of eyeshadow colors, how to match them properly? Six eye shadow color combinations that you can't put it down are recommended to you.

1. Purple and pink

The colors of purple and pink are similar, and the two can be better blended together. It is a gentle but noble matching color; you can first cover the entire eye socket with light pink, and then change the purple gradient from The smudge on the eyelids enhances the effect of the eyeshadow.

2. Pink and yellow

Pink and yellow are warm and gentle colors. It is also a commonly used eye shadow collocation. It does not highlight eye makeup. If the eye shadow is selected in this way, the overall makeup is easier to match. Can highlight the brightness of the color.

3. Green and light brown

Light brown eyeshadow will have a smoky makeup feel when used. The key lies in the size of the eyeshadow shop. With dark green eyeshadow, the eyes can be decorated very beautifully; the dark green eyeshadow can be smudged over the whole Eye sockets, or dotted under the brow and on the corners of the eyes.

4. Blue and yellow

The combination of blue and yellow has a fresh and natural feeling. It is a “oxygen” color that can breathe. This combination is also particularly suitable for summer; yellow and blue are not suitable for heavy colors to maintain the breathability of makeup , You can use your fingers to test the color on the back of the hand and then apply it on the eyelids.

5. Purple with blue and green

The color matching of eyeshadow reflects a person’s fashion taste. The combination of purple and green can create a sharp contrast visually and highlight the makeup of the eye. It is a bold but very impressive look. Harmonious color matching.

6, green and blue

Green and blue eyeshadows belong to the refreshing colors that you will like very much in summer. The combination of the two can give people a feeling of vitality; you can use light green eyeshadows to cover the eye sockets on a large area and use them close to the eyelids. The blue eyeshadow is smudged outwards.

After learning these eye shadow color combinations, you will become a beauty expert. If you love beauty, give it a try. You are guaranteed to achieve a new height of beauty.

What to do if the eyeshadow is broken How to repair broken eyeshadow

Sometimes I accidentally break my beloved eye shadow, but I am reluctant to throw it away, so today I will teach you a good way to repair the broken eye shadow reasonably and cleverly!

Eye shadow is easy to be broken by us accidentally, especially the very expensive eye shadow. When it breaks, it feels like the heart will be broken. Then, what should I do if the eye shadow is broken? Don't worry, today I will teach you the tips for not wasting broken eyeshadows. The broken eyeshadows can be restored.

What to do if the eyeshadow is broken: repaired broken eyeshadow

Prepare the broken eyeshadow and 1 bottle of rubbing alcohol

Repair step STEP1: Pour an appropriate amount of alcohol into the eyeshadow slowly, don't pour too much, as long as it just soaks in all the powder. If you are not sure, you can use a cotton swab to drop in a little bit.

STEP2: Use your fingers or a cotton swab to slowly stir the powder evenly.

, I started to wait slowly, about a few hours until the eyeshadow dries, and the repairing of the eyeshadow is complete! I heard that some people have experimented with eye cream and they have also succeeded. If you are curious enough, you can also try it. TIP: 1. To compact but not recommended, it will be difficult to get powder. In theory, the lower the concentration of alcohol, the harder it will be, but it is also related to personal strength. 2. Adding glycerin will also make it difficult to fetch powder. Generally, a bottle of alcohol can be used to handle the plate.

3. It is recommended that the multi-color plate first press the light color and then the dark color, and the toothpicks and sticks should be matched with each color as much as possible to avoid color crossover.

4. This method is used for all sub-packages sold on the Internet. If you are interested, try it yourself.

how about it? Isn't it simple? Hurry up and learn!
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