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eyeshadow-Beauty Spirit factory

eyeshadow-Beauty Spirit factory



Being beauty is the spirit for ladies, every woman wants to be good-looking, and eyeshadow has become a must for them to shine among the majority. Beauty Spirit Cosmetics Co.,Ltd. is a professional eyeshadow manufacturer rich in experience, it has been engaged in oem & odm eyeshadow since 1999. Beauty Spirit is here to bring out the best of eyeshadow product for customers of all in this world. Today, Beauty Spirit eyeshadow factory is talking about its best-selling eyeshadow, more info, welcome to stay tuned.

Eyeshadow is used to make up around the eyes with color and shadow to make it stereoscopic. Eye shadow has powder, stick, paste, eye shadow lotion and pencil shape. The color of eyeshadow is very diverse, the primary function of eye shadow wants to endow eye ministry stereo feeling namely, pass through colorific tension, let whole face be attractive and enchanting.

Generally speaking, the primary function of eye shadow should endow eye ministry stereo feeling namely, make eye ministry more have tension through colour. To general life makeup, trichromatic eye shadow box can deal with basically. One dark, one light and one main color. Also a lot of people use monochromatic eye shadow only, they do not have the effect that colour mixes. This is most common in the popular "transparent" look.

A well-known beauty expert published a monograph on beauty and makeup in the early 1980s. Several of the models are popular movie stars. Everyone's eye shadow was very heavy, with patches of pearl and a bright blue that flailed from the tips of the eyes to the temples. A clean, well-formed face made a scene. Today, it's more of an eyeshadow than a beauty makeover. Back then, the eyeshadow was a knockout. Eye shadow is a local of colour makeup only, but from this also can see whole popular style, alleged one leaf knows autumn.


Beauty Spirit eyeshadow is made of natural mineral materials, easy to color, relatively dry, can make the eyeliner does not dizzy, suitable for women with oily skin, can enhance the three-dimensional sense of the eyes, effectively modify the edema of the eyes.

Powdery quality is very delicate, soft and easy daub, subtle pearlite effect, trichromatic eye shadow can satisfy individual demand, four-color eye shadow more enrich your eye department appearance color!

1) See this black color eyeshadow, top brands have very high quality request of black color, because it’s not only eyeshadow, but also use as eyeliner. And many makeup manufacturer can’t do it super super black. Number 2 is our new formula, more black, super smooth, super soft. Welcome to take sample to compare with the top brands quality.

2) Those are neon eyeshadow, For so bright Neon colors, usually many eyeshadow manufacturers are difficult to make them be So High Pigment, and super smooth, soft texture, it must be full cover on skin. Can’t be looks dry, it’s stick firmly on skin and even looks moist. Welcome to take our sample to compare with the top brands quality . Hope you have very high grade quality request to meet our standard.

3) Those are Chameleon eyeshadow, we have around 30 colors, some colors looks Metallic Shimmer,some people like these Change Color Eye Shadow. 

Always maybe you are worried that eyeshadow on eyes will make you look like a puppet clown or leave your eyelids like a shooting star?

Here are 3 tips to help you buy eyeshadow from Beauty Spirit Eyeshadow:

Tip 1

Walk out the door with the most successful eye shadow you think you've ever bought.

Reason: Give yourself some "sample" so you can refer to it when you choose again, but the one you buy again doesn't have to be exactly the same as the one you brought, just a little bit different.

Tip 2

Eye shadow boxes with lots of small colors are a great choice.

Reason: this has become a vogue when cosmetic brand is designing eye shadow, for the sake of be like you when choosing eye shadow always also do not make the person can also have a lot of try, always have one to suit you, so the task after is relaxed.

Tip 3

Never buy a shade that matches the color of your eyes.

Reason: Contrast makes your eyes look brighter.

A suitable eye shadow can add a charm for the whole makeup look. On the contrary, a wrong eye shadow, can make whole makeup look is destroyed at once. So, how to choose eye shadow?

Here are some other tips for choosing eye shadow.

· For MMS who are always having trouble choosing eyeshadow, eye shadow boxes with lots of small colors are a great choice and will allow you to experiment a lot.

· Check that the color of the eye shadow "shines" and "looks" are the same.

Inferior eye shadow often looks like colour and lustre is full, apply come out however understatement, this kind of eye shadow makeup effect is not lasting, and can leave ugly "pink mark" in double eyelid opening and closing place.

· Before choosing eye shadow colors, apply any of the brand's eye shadow colors on the back of your hand and try to apply them with your existing eyeliner, preferably easily and without slipping, otherwise you won't have to consider the brand's eye shadow.

Choose eyeliner and try it on your own eye shadow as well.

Introduce in new eye shadow products constantly, the smoky eye makeup that continues several seasons, these phenomena let you feel deeply, draw a beautiful eye makeup, have the effect that makes the finishing point not only, choose eye shadow color with each season different, also bring popular and fashionable charming charm!

In fact, although in the overall makeup, eye makeup is the most eye-catching, but also can express the most personal style, but also the most difficult to describe and hold the place.

Generally speaking, the primary function of eye shadow should endow eye ministry stereo feeling namely, pass through coloritic zhang, let whole face be infatuate and move.

Say so, no matter be colour or simple sense, go up in collocation to use, the eye shadow that chooses to suit oneself, it is the important step that cannot ignore more.

Color is tie-in

The collocation color that uses depth contrast is, can add the 3 dimensional effect of eye ministry, if you want bolder try, can try 3 kinds of color collocation!

The collocation of general eye shadow should choose bright, the colour that can match each other, can make eye ministry sparkling so moving.

Light color base

Choose the light color that can fuse with your skin color fastens eye shadow, go up in eye fold place color, brush to eye end by the middle of eyelid, brush to eye end by the direction of eye socket again, brush back and forth even, if daub is too massiness, can finger pushes gently, such meeting is more natural.

Dark painting

Dark eye shadow is the key part of the eye makeup, will be able to with light color fastens collocation of brunet eye shadow before on the back of a little brush, make makeup more evenly, then apply eye end, and from the outer corner to the orbital radiated even dizzy catch, do not show the obvious boundary of the two color shades can make eyes look deep feeling.

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