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by:Beauty Spirit     2021-03-24

Every year there will be a new eye shadow color update, it looks really exciting! However, I don’t know how to paint when I buy it home, or I find it is not suitable for me when I buy it back. Let’s talk about eye shadows today~

Monochrome eyeshadow

The advantage of monochromatic eyeshadow is that it can be matched according to your own preferences, and there are more beautiful colors than eyeshadow palettes. But many people feel unable to start.

In fact, it is recommended that you choose the color you like first. This color can be sequins or bright colors, and then match the colors on the basis of this color. You must have a contour color that can hit the eye sockets and a color that emphasizes. , Highlight color, so you can paint a complete eye makeup.

You have to know the little tricks of eye shadow!

Two-tone eyeshadow

When choosing two-tone eyeshadow, pay attention to its collocation. There is a certain difference between the two colors, such as a light color and a dark color. If the lightness of the two colors is similar and you are trendy again, it is not easy to make up!

Three-color eyeshadow

Three-color eyeshadows are basically highlight colors, contour colors, and accent colors. This key color may be an outline, or it may be a popular color of the year. Note that these three colors are not all large sequins or large sequins, this color scheme is easy to swell.

Four-color eyeshadow

The four-color eyeshadow is a simple color choice, because the brand has basically considered it very well. The four colors are highlight, blooming, contour, and accent colors.

How to choose eyeshadow

Look at the silty

The powdery quality of eyeshadow has always been the top priority when buying. Most of the fine powdery eyeshadows are in the range of 200+~500+. A dozen or dozens of eyeshadows are not invested enough in technology. The color is decent but the powdery quality is hard to say. But when the price is about the same, the Japanese eye shadow will be more delicate than the European and American ones. After all, the focus of Japanese eye shadows is not on coloring, but on Xiao Jing~

Look at the color system

Everyone knows that European and American eye shadows are developed and there are many color choices, and there is a large number of support for makeup brands backing the fashion week. However, Japanese and Korean eye shadows are not to be outdone. In short, European and American eye shadows are colored, and Japanese eye shadows are delicate, depending on what you want. What kind of makeup do you want!

Generally speaking, a dark color with metallic luster will appear dirty, and a matte with a darker gray color will also appear dirty. If you want clear eye makeup, you must choose powdery and wet powdery eye shadows. Don't buy the kind of improper colors such as purple brown.

5 beauty tips to teach you to draw a high-level and tender makeup

Many girls make up different from beauty bloggers. How to draw is not clean and not advanced. Take a look at the beauty bloggers' hand-in-hand teaching beauty techniques to teach you how to draw advanced and tender makeup!

Looking at the difference, it is actually obvious. On the right is the makeup of ordinary people. They have trim and eye shadow, but they are not exquisite. How to paint and make up to be natural and advanced?

Eye shadow technique 1: blush position is the key to tenderness

The position of the blusher is very important. Too high or too low will make the apple muscle position wrong, and it will appear old. Miss sister recommends to first draw a horizontal straight line from the middle of the nose to the ear, and then draw a diagonal line from the nose to the upper edge of the ear. The junction of the lines is suitable for painting blush!

Eyeshadow technique 2: The highlight range is not too large

Miss sister also said that the highlight is to choose the color that suits your skin tone. Pearls like champagne gold and peach gold will be very suitable for yellow-skinned girls. The range is about the apple muscle under the brow bone and directly under the eyeball, in a small amount. A little bit is fine (you can make up if you don't have enough to avoid losing your hands), and the proper gloss can help the makeup have a high-level sense!

Eyeshadow technique 3: Nose shadow + highlight, more natural lines

Many people must put a whole piece of nose shadow directly to the right. Miss Sister suggests that you only need to put a little nose shadow on the triangle area of ??the brow and the nose. Don't be too greedy, so as not to be too obvious.

In addition to the nose shadow, we need to highlight it! Put a little highlight on the roots of the bridge of the nose, the corners of the eyes, and the tip of the nose (the larger nose can be ignored) to make the entire nose more refined!

Eyeshadow Technique 4: Repair the lip area, make the lips more three-dimensional and plump

How do you trim your lips? Is it to cover the lip area? But a better way is to brighten the lip peaks and apply shadows in the middle of the lower lip. This will make the lips more three-dimensional and full, and make the lip makeup more girlish!

Eye shadow technique 5: the key to eye shadow range

The range of eyeshadow that many girls are bothered by, the lady said directly, the smudge range is based on the straight line from the brow peak to the end of the eyeliner, and the height is about half of the eye to the bottom of the eyebrow, which is just the right eye shadow range. The pearly shine on the middle of the head can make the eyes more three-dimensional and the eyeshadow cleaner.

For single eyelids, the blurring range of the eyeshadow can be smaller, and the height of the eyebrows and eyeliner should not exceed the eyelashes a little bit.

In addition, share the tips for selecting eye shadow primer, blending, and highlighting! Usually the lighter color in the eyeshadow is the base color, most of which is the matte rice skin tone, the second darker is the halo dyeing (transition color), which is usually the key color of the entire eye makeup, and the darker is the tail color (eyeliner color) ), in addition to being used as an eyeliner, it can also be painted near the root of the eyelashes to increase the depth of the eye shadow, and then a bright color with pearlescent, which can brighten the center of the eyeball and make the eyes deeper!
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