Eye shadow OEM | in the beauty makeup lipstick sales are still strong

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-11-05
“ Lipstick economic & throughout; The word has become so familiar that lipstick in any case, can still have a good sales, eye shadow contract home below small make up take you know together.

under the influence of the outbreak, popular home quarantine period for house culture, stayed up army vastly and mightily to black beauty makeup a surge in demand. Under the influence of the outbreak in 2020, everyone is wearing a face mask to work, in addition to the masks, xiaosha products, also stimulate the small beauty makeup category eye shadow to become a hot item. Combining with related data insight, boring, found that growth is slowing, as the outbreak and recent section electricity consumption, promotion node heat slowly recover, beauty makeup industry have no you imagine so bad, such as star item lipstick, is still popular with the market:

according to data show that in the categories of eye shadow, lip glaze and lipstick sales was not affected by the outbreak of the larger, sales is still occupy the eye shadow category big head.

special period, triggering a niche category concern

institute, according to data according to the spelling of white-collar workers to stay in the top 10 products sell like hot cakes, eye shadow tray top3 place. Because everyone want to take a face mask to work, but as a delicate white-collar women to the United States still have high requirements. Nearly a week, according to the number of search goods such as eye shadow, eyebrow pencil rose 290%, commodity in some brand 16 color eye shadow set page, there are a number of user comments: only buy 6 color before, now there was not enough.

so & other; Lipstick economic & throughout; This is not wave get hollow reputation, people don't forget the beautiful, at any time in this case, the sales of eye shadow is still in the surge.
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