Eye shadow lipstick manufacturers | China market growth potential, could reach 30 billion in 2024

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-11-05
In the market of eye shadow, lipstick is absolutely a king of existence, lipstick market potential is very large, so the lipstick has maintained market growth potential. Lipstick market has huge potential in China, could reach 30 billion in 2024, eye shadow factory below small make up take you know together.

it is presumed that the Chinese counterpart red demand is increasing, increasing consumption in high growth possibilities.

according to Korean trade and investment promotion, KOTRA) The size of the market data, China's lipstick from about 5 billion yuan in 2013 to expand to 13. 1 billion yuan in 2018.

it is reported that a Chinese middle-class women consumers buy four lipstick each year, on a questionnaire on the eye shadow that attracts the most attention products, lipstick also occupy the overwhelming superiority.

China's lipstick market scale will reach 30 billion yuan by 2024.

so lipstick market potential is very good, many industry into the eye shadow, preferred the eye shadow of product development is the lipstick.
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